Blue Sun: damned if you do, damned if you don't

ichiir 13

My starting point for this deck was The Government Takeover - Leisure Games, London, 2nd Place. Thank you @frosty-duty for creating a great deck that started me on my way.

I haven't had a chance to play this in a tournament yet, but in the weekly game night it has yet to be defeated; though to be fair I have been getting very optimal draws. It is weakest in the early game given that the ice is expensive and not as plentiful, but by mid game, it pretty much makes every option the runner has a bad one.

The idea with this deck is to show the runner all the ways you will punish them if they run. Run on archives? There are 6 points of agendas in there and I have a punitive in hand OR ain't cerebral's and junebugs fun OR sorry I just shattered your hardware OR isn't SEA Source and Scorched a great classic?

And then you show them that you will punish them if they don't. Look at that, that thing your thought was a trap was actually a Priority Req OR thank you for letting my contract killer get in position to take out that pesky Fan Critic or whatever other connection you have that is causing me problems.

R&D is your weakest point, so key thing is to shut it down early w/the bigger ice.

If you have the punitive's in hand, Errand Boy is great on HQ. Make sure to hide the smile when they run on it; Especially if you can draw into an Agenda if it is not already in hand.

Ice is your primary economy. Get the oversight as quick as you can and use it to power up the biggest ice you have. Then pick up the ice the next turn for a boatload of credits. From that point on, credits will likely not be an issue. Back Channels and Hedge Funds provide some backup income if the oversite is slow to show up.

If you have a punitive in hand and the daily business show in hand, bury the three point agendas at the bottom until you find the government takeover and use that to take out the runner.

If they have a Fan Critic in play, consider letting the three pointers through to lure it out, then double advance out the contract killer mixed in with advanced junebugs or cerebrals.

If they run, you have a 2/3 chance of taking them out, especially if you can get some checkpoints in front of your traps.

If they don't fall for your traps, back channel them for some economy to rez some big ice and create some scoring windows to win the old fashion way.

If the oversites are slow in showing up advance your nebula's and orions so you have some protection. And wormhole is awesome once checkpoint is active.

I would love to hear your thoughts; especially on the checkpoint since that is worst on the synergy w/Blue Sun. Though it works very nicely w/ the traps.