Fisk in a Red Dress

magikot 1976

This is a Fisk deck that I've been testing out for a few weeks now that is posting fairly decent results.

Woman in the Red Dress has been wonderful. Does the corp not want to draw the card? Run R&D, force the draw, then dig through what's next in the deck. If they do draw the card follow it up with an Investment Seminar and a successful run, flooding the corp's hand to put strain on any remaining Jacksons and watch as key cards are forced into archives next turn. Top it off with an Eden Shard for good measure.

Primarily central breakers because Femme and Inside Job are often enough to get into a remote. Earthrise and Visage help you dig through your deck.

Career Fair saves a lot of money and the rest of the economy is a mixture of burst and drip. Earthrise and Visage provide enough card draw once you get one of them on the table. Don't be afraid to mulligan or draw aggressively early to get one of these.

Legworks help to attack the corp hand early until you assemble your R&D dig.

7 Aug 2015 HepatitvsJ

I like this build. I think Fisk will benefit greatly from HQI+gangs in though. Leela has been doing well with it and I think the ability to flood the corp with cards makes that strategy more effective. I plan to modify turntableela into a Fisk deck with a melding of this type of deck and Turntableeela. I've been reminding people lately that hostage works for WitRD. :)

8 Sep 2015 Vimes

Woman in the Red Dress has such synergy with Fisk, but I've never bit the bullet to try it myself on account of its astronomical influence cost. This however looks very interesting I would like to try it.

Have you thought about trying to add a Hostage in order to find the Woman more consistently? I'm also wondering if we could allow Account Siphon to make an appearance, since I think Fisk works great with econ denial (their extra cards do not help much if they cannot use them).