Golden Corral (3-0) Gameology 2019 Regional

zimbobway 38

Golden corral because its bad for your health and relies on your opponents eyes being bigger than their stomach. More or less an updated version of CTZ's man vs stress, because it turns out obokata is still a good card. Most of the changes are relatively straight forward:

Green level > rashida : money and cards, money and cards.

Swordsman > slot machine: Arguably could still be swordsman or IP block rather than a third slot machine as most of your ice is low strength and turtle can really screw with you.

Komainu > Saisentan: Saisentan is better on centrals when the runner goes low down on cards, it can kill on facecheck, and has 1 more strength making it slightly more resilient to turtle. kept 1x Komainu because it's a real bear on the remote when the runner draws up to run your scoring gauntlet.

Musashi > Hokusai: I swapped this out mainly because I found that Ben was almost a 'win more' card and I wanted something that felt more utilitarian. Hokusai still has a place in the scoring remote to help protect your obo's but it can be good at deterring value runs on centrals. Also hokusai can add extra hurdles for apoc decks, and with 15 ice you don't have a ton to spare.

Changes I would make would probably move DNA tracker > Anansi as engolo is everywhere and very efficient, also probably cut a copy of batty for another genetics pavillion.