netrunner 100 games speedrun any% glitchless (Helpmate)

DeeR 723

About a week ago, I was discussing NPE decks, when I got interested in this puzzle. If the runner and corp collaborated, how quickly could they end the game? The easy answer is at the start of the runners first click -- just Mushin a Junebug and gg. But perhaps Runner Click 1 is a bit too long -- we're in a rush here! To end the game on the Corp's Turn 1 requires either (a) a really reliable kill combo, (b) a reliable scoring combo, or (c) An Offer You Can't Refuse. I went with (c).

The runner paired for this deck is an Akiko Nisei with 45 events. The central combo is as such; draw aggressively for AOYCR, using accelerated diagnostics, red level clearance, and subliminal messaging to maximize your clicks. Once you have it, you have 3 options based on cards: (1) Hasty Relocation two agendas on the top of R&D, then AOYCR. Both players spend 0 credits on the trace, so the runner will access both cards, even on your turn.
(2) Use Distract the Masses, Hansei Review, and/or Accelerated Diagnostics to get 6 points of agendas into Archives, then AOYCR there. (3) Install Saisentan, Get to 9 credits, then AOYCR. The runner is running all events, so call event and you win.

Note that (1) and (2), while best with 2 agendas, still can win if the top agenda is Bacterial Programming and any of the other 7 cards you draw is a 3 pointers. While I'm not a rules maven, I believe this is now legal even if BP is the only card in archives, for the same reason that the Ganked infinite is now legal. Also, remember that you can't use Fast Track in Accelerated Diagnostics without losing your other two cards, so play it last or not at all.

I've simulated this deck 20 times on Jnet (sorry to the jnet stats dorks, just ignore all Akiko Nisei vs Harmony Medtech games for a little while, and 419 vs Jinteki Biotech too). The deck has an 80% combo success rate (with no mulligans -- presumably better if you can mulligan), which is honestly far and away better than I thought was possible. Anyhow, I open the challenge up to you all! See if you can tweak the deck to hit the combo even more frequently.


13 May 2022 SimplyTheOnion

netrunner 100 games speedrun any% glitchless

13 May 2022 DeeR

Congrats, that's now the title of this deck :P

13 May 2022 bowlsley

(bad ending)

18 May 2022 🌭🌭🌭🌭

good stuff

30 Aug 2022 callforjudgement

This deck would almost certainly benefit from Mwanza City Grid – if you have two 5/3s in HQ, and two clicks and an AOYCR, that's game right there (and if the agendas stubbornly refuse to show up you can throw it on R&D and hope for a "hero run" there). One issue is that it isn't an operation, so it can't be found with Accelerated Diagnostics (but if you have an AD in hand at all you're probably doing pretty well).

Why the Chronos Project? That card doesn't seem to help at all, because all the other agendas steal as 3, and you meet the agenda points requirement even without it.

And for people who are into this sort of theoretical thought experiment puzzle: when's the earliest turn on which a draw (in an untimed, non-tournament match) can happen? This is the rarest ending to a Netrunner game, and the only one that I've never experienced. (I've been intentionally trying to collect them; the other really rare ones are "lost to damage from core damage", "lost to negative hand size from core damage", and "lost to negative hand size from something other than core damage" (thank you Valley Grid). Overdraw wins are common in comparison to these.) As far as I'm aware, the only way that a draw can occur is for both players to be 1 point away from winning, and for Exchange of Information to swap a scored Merger with a stolen Global Food Initiative. This deck makes me feel like a corp turn 1 draw might be possible, although you'd almost certainly have to stack the Corp's deck.

30 Aug 2022 DeeR

This is interesting, but I think it's impossible because everything is sequenced, so the corp win condition happens before the runner win condition. That's why Divested Trust doesn't work on the final agenda.