The Panopticon - Auckland Regionals 6th.

disguise117 165

I did quite well with this deck at Auckland regionals, losing only twice and against people who have played this deck multiple times in testing.

This is an extremely dangerous deck for people playing against it for the first time as it aims to exploit runner mistakes and make it so that it's incredibly difficult for the runner to run "safely".

This deck is somewhere between a dedicated kill deck and supermodernism, because it is also definitely possible to score out 7 agenda points while the runner is setting up and afraid to run.

13 Jul 2015 Face

I watched a bit of your play vs Kate... was cold-blooded like Weyland should be... Archer into Enigma server; GRNDL Refinery, then Snare went down... no run, trash Snare then install another Snare, bait the run... then Refinery again. Brilliant mind games

13 Jul 2015 disguise117

Thanks :). I have to say that the best play of the day for me was a remote with an unrezzed Data Raven as my outer piece of ICE and a rezzed Enigma as the inner. I had a double advanced GRNDL Refinery and was down to 4 credits and was on 5 points.

My opponent thought that I was advancing out a 3 pointer (not knowing that I had no 5/3s in the deck) and desperately monied up and ran last click on 4 credits. He had a Torch out, which basically neutered the Enigma for 1 credit. I decided to spend my last 4 credits on the Data Raven and he spent 3 credits to match the trace. He got through the Enigma on his last credit and... couldn't trash the GRNDL.

Next turn, I trash the GRNDL for 8, then use trash two of his resources - Adjusted Chronotype and Aesops. Why didn't I just Scorch him to death? He had two Beach Parties (and Starlight Crusade Funding) out and was sitting on 10+ cards in hand. However, taking out the Chronotype put him down to 1 click per turn and the game was effectively over by then.

13 Jul 2015 Face

Legend! Love Corps just messing with the runner making them flop around uselessly. Winning by agendas or flatline should always be secondary to creating a feeling of helplessness. That Beach Party/Starlight/Game Day build is awful when tagged. :)

How did you find your ID ability pan out? The game I saw was all "i'll take a tag"

Also, what's the play if the runner floats tags with 2 Plascretes out?

13 Jul 2015 disguise117

A lot of the time the ID is more of a tax than a way of killing the runner. Assuming they're removing tags, they're spending 2 credits and a click each time they steal an agenda. That turns every 1-pointer into a mini-NAPD.

Most runners, especially those playing this deck for the first time, will be hesitant to run quickly or aggressively because of the tax (and the possibility of sudden, horrible, death). This lets you rush out agendas to force them to run. Oaktown and Hostile Takeover are the stars of the show as they let you score out points and be richer rather than poorer. Tempo is really important in this deck and Oaktown made it so much better!

Floating tags is something that Runners tend to do when they get a Plascrete or two out. It's a problem, but not that much of a problem. Most popular Anarch builds at the moment have resource economy so floating is a bad place to be. Even with Plastcretes, floating tags means that they are one Shattered Remains token away from painful death. I'm thinking of taking out the SEA for 2 Closed Accounts to punish tag floaters.

I have also Scorched people through Plascrete because they tend to get cocky after they get it out. One very good player ran a server on his last click (in training) because he thought he was safe behind his Plascrete. That server was a Snare! and he went down to 2 cards. Next turn I Scorch twice for the game.

14 Jul 2015 lolpaca

Super fun-looking deck, I look forward to giving it a try!

23 Jul 2015 theodorelogan

Noticing that half the ice is strength four (including Meru Mati when on HQ).