The Answer To The Ultimate Question: Achievement Unlocked

ChaoticBrink 143

Welcome to the deck that makes you yell Achievement Unlocked! at random intervals during the game while your opponent starts rolling his eyes at how absurd this is getting or yells his own Achievement Unlocked! as he Sweeps Weeks for 20 credits. You may not win technically, but you'll achieve several moral victories along the way.

Bucket List (Achievements)

  • Draw your whole deck with two clicks
  • Score a triple Notoriety in one turn.
  • Take a 13 click turn without installing any extra MU.
  • Spend MU to break ICE
  • Have a 15 strength barrier breaker
  • Have more than 15 counters on an Overmind


Mulligan for either a hostage or Theophilius Bagbiter so you can get to The Dream phase sooner. Don't mulligan if you have Faust and some card draw though since that sets you up for early pressure. With only two cards of 42 to get you Bagbiter, The Grind is going to be your more likely starting point.

The Grind

Install Faust early and the use him to apply early pressure as you keep drawing through your deck searching for your fat cat friend Theophilius Bagbiter and put other pieces in play. Find a good time to install your friend with either credits on Kati or the ability to Magnum Opus right after so you don't go to zero hand size.

While working the grind, find some Public Sympathy to provide some additional boost during your recreational Game Day. Your two early programs, Mopus + Faust let you build some bank, make runs and still get credits folding protein while you're asleep.

So you're working the grind, binge eating (over drawing) and then burning it off while running, literally feeding the extra pounds to Faust. Plus a really good run will let you eat a lot more on Game Day. It's cheap on the checkbook and it also keeps the corp on their toes until you graduate to the dream.

The Dream

Once your hand size is unlimited, start racking up credits until you can draw through the rest of your deck. Ultimately, you want to have e3 installed, public sympathy and maybe Data Leak Reversal. Ekomind can be good to install before you Levy just so it's already installed but realize you're going to lose all but of programs since your hand size goes to zero for a moment (You get to keep one thanks to CT's identity). Depending on the situation, might want to wait until you're on the other side and wake up from your Levy AR Lab Access. That's when the fun begins.

At this point, you should have 20+ credits and you're looking for a game day which will let you draw what's left of your deck - it's like entering an eating contest at a Superbowl party and realizing you'll never have to eat again.

Once you've done that, install Ekomind if you haven't already and then install Overmind for a ridiculous # of counters. Install Sage if you want a 15 strength barrier and code gate breaker and use e3 Feedback Implants to run for days, but really you shouldn't have to.

Now that you're ready, you can install all three Hyperdriver and in the following turn you can yell Achievement Unlocked! as you consider how you want to use your 13 clicks. Here's one fun romp, there are many others:

  • Run and jack out of some server (taking a tag from John Masanori
  • Mill 6 cards using Data Leak Reversal
  • Make an Indexing run on R&D
  • Run Archives (FTW?)
  • Triple score Notoriety
  • Run R&D for that last agenda, or clear the tag to fight another day.

Empty Calories To Burn Before LARLA:

  • Hyperdriver
  • Notoriety
  • Extra Self-modifying Code
  • Overmind
  • And some of the resources depending on how things evolve.

Situational Cards:

  • Mimic - For Swordsman and for efficiency against some annoying sentries
  • Sage - For Wraparound in the early game, though it turns off data-folding, and is useful for Turing during the dream. Plus who doesn't like a 15 strength breaker. If no one is using Turing, then you may want to swap for Inti
  • Kati Jones - For economy that survives Bagbiter but isn't as critical if you go the Mopus route.
  • Data Leak Reversal and John Masanori could be swapped out if milling is not your thing, but it's pretty fun if you haven't tried it. You could take out the Mimic too and add another Hostage which will increase your consistency.

Deck Size Credit Goes To Douglas Adams (Plus you'll find a few extra cards comes in handy)

10 Jul 2015 vor_lord

I love the description!

11 Jul 2015 ChaoticBrink

Thanks! It's been super fun to play. Thought it deserved a good description!

11 Jul 2015 duckage

Awesomeness all around. Nice job on the write up.

11 Jul 2015 ChaoticBrink

Thanks. Let me know how many achievements you unlock. :)

30 Apr 2016 C6H6

Komainu. What do?!

1 May 2016 ChaoticBrink

Mimic lets you make a credit vs. card tradeoff but at the time not many people had Komainu in their decks due to parasite. Later versions of this deck I DLR and Mimic for GS Shrike M2 which lets it deal better with it.