Faustian Exile

Satellite Uplink 512

Rough outline

Basic plan is using Chameleon/Faust to bridge the gap and play more aggressively while you assemble your rig of expensive/powerful breakers and sort of play a lot like Prepaid Kate but with a lot more drawing thanks to Exile. Your eventual rig of Torch/Femme/Lady is more efficient than Kate's but takes more setup, so Faust bridges that gap.

Cache is for interaction with Scavenge/Exile - 3 credits and a card draw once you've set up - that influence replaces a the 3rd Lucky Find, which went into Modded.

As it's so close to the Kate setup I think it would work, the key question (as always) is "isn't this better in Kate?" and that would remain to be answered if all the extra card draw and more aggressive stance from Faust is enough to improve it. If nothing else it's a bit different, I guess!