Wayland PMC

TheWackyWombat 26

I don't have the greatest track record for building decks so I wanted to open this one up for feedback. It's inspired by the Argus 'Flatline Guaranteed' and the Bluesun 'Government Takeover' decks.

The deck is designed to keep constant pressure on the runner, forcing them to constantly spend clicks to drop tags and refill their grip or face an easy Scorch kill.

I started this deck with DR and DRT, then tried to add cards which complement that combination. Bandwidth seems like a solid addition, 0 cost rez which forces the runner to either take a tag or damage from DRT during a run, and as long as the runner is installing Housekeeping will be equivalent to 1 damage a turn.

Hive seems to be one of those cards people are on the fence about, but I think it works extremely well in this instance. The 5 subroutines are taxing on early runs, but the later game will be more about threatening the runner with Tags and damage each run.

I think the lack of Snare / ambushes is going to be controversial with some people, it is intentional. I see DRT as the Wayland equivalent of an ambush, it's out in the open but no less deadly. With the focus on DRT I couldn't rationalize the cost of Snare, it was either a single surprise burst of damage or possible damage every run.

I'd like to hear what people think. I expect the deck has weaknesses so any feedback is appreciated.

24 Jun 2015 DarkTsunder

Unfortunately, Bandwidth doesn't trigger DRT. DRT fires after everything is over. The Bandwidth tag drops as soon as the run is successful.

24 Jun 2015 TheWackyWombat

I was afraid of that, but I wasn't sure what the order of operations was there.

The other thing I was looking at is to use the influence to get Bernice Mai, her ability synergies really well but the 2 inf cost is steep.

The other question is what Ice should replace Bandwidth. Shadow seems like the best choice, being useful early and scalable, but I've never been the best judge in that area.

Possible replacement (card count increases to 49): -3 Bandwidth, +1 Jackson Howard, +1 Bernice Mai, +3 Shadow

24 Jun 2015 tiedyedvortex

Government Takeover in Argus seems to be completely antisynergistic to me. Argus's ability only fires when the runner steals an agenda, but with the 6 agendas in your deck that means that this will only get a chance to fire twice at best, and probably only once if they steal your GT. This would be like playing NBN: Making News and not running any tracer cards, or running Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together and not using bioroids. You don't have to run a 20 agenda deck, of course...but if you aren't running any 1-pointers, then why are you playing Argus?

24 Jun 2015 Letsaros

First it's nice to see my Argus deck inspired people to make their own :) Cheers mate :D

Secondly, Bandwidth doesn't work with DRT ...BUT...it works with Data Raven teehehehe. Install Data Raven and infront of it put a Bandwith. Rez Bandwith on approach, give the tag, runner continues.. encounters Data Raven. If he continues he gets a tag by Data Raven, if not then he keeps the tag from Bandwith. Win-Win situation. ;)

25 Jun 2015 TheWackyWombat

@tiedyedvortex You're almost never going to flatline a runner with Argus, no matter the deck composition, 1-2 point agendas just mean the runner procs the ability more.

I designed this deck in order to tax the runner, no matter what actions they take.

If I used an identity like 'Blue sun' in the early-mid game the runner could make a run on R&D, take 2 from DRT and, if they scored an agenda, feel safe enough to run again. Possibly win in a single turn.

With Argus, that's boosted to either 2 damage and a tag, or 4 damage. That's no longer an easy decision for the runner. They've either lost a plastcrete, or guaranteed to proc the DRT until they take the time to recover.

If they're making additional runs they're either pushing for a one turn win, or REALLY optimistic about my next turn.

@Letsaros No problem. Your right, Bandwidth and DataRaven do synergize well, but only in that configuration. On it's own, Bandwidth doesn't do the job I want, tagging the runner just before a successful run. They'll always have a chance to clear that tag before approaching my servers again.

One alternative that I found last night, and it's really growing on me, is Lockdown

Consistent damage is good, consistent damage that the runner can't recover from? Better.

25 Jun 2015 Letsaros

Lockdown is Strength 5. Means it dies to David. Since there's tons of Whizzard in the meta atm i don't think it will work. At least not in most of the matches.

Also to be honest i can't imagine Argus wihout Snares or similar traps. The tagging from Snare is the shit. Net damage is good but you want them mostly for the tags.

Do you know how much it hurts to pass a Data Raven, get shot in the face by a DRT while faceplanting to a Snare? that's 2 tags, 5 damage.

25 Jun 2015 TheWackyWombat

In exchange for what though? In order to have any sort of reliability I'd need 2, or more, even if I dropped bandwidth I'd be hesitant to remove anything else.

The deck is built around the DataRaven/DRT combo, I was hard pressed to use 2 Jacksons instead of 3, and SEA gives me the ability to finish a runner after a bad run.

It could be argued that I have enough tagging to go with 1 SEA, but if the runner is on the ball there's always the chance I wont be able to follow through...

Its something I've considered before I'm just not sure it's better for this deck than some of the alternatives.

25 Jun 2015 Letsaros

i'd suggest -1 Bandwoth -1 Sea Source for +2 Snare +1 Jackson. No way i'd play with 2 Jacksons only. Also you probably don't need 3x Housekeeping . In my experience 2 are enough.

I'd drop 2x 3 pointers and switch them with 3x Project Atlas. Scoring a 5/3 take 1 click more than overscoring an Atlas. (thus making it 4/2) but Atlas is so much better as it can always bring SEA in your hand when you need it, or a Scorch or anything really.

Consider it.

29 Jun 2015 TheWackyWombat

Thanks for all your feedback on my deck, I appreciate it.

I spent some time re-organizing the deck over the weekend, much happier with the majority of the setup. I realized with the DR I probably didnt need SEA source as much, the hosted power counter is much more powerful and flexible, and added Snare/Jackson like you suggested.

Still not happy with my ice selections, I'll probably need to do another pass on it.

May post the updated list later, will see how the updated deck runs first.