Catch The Pigeon

Satellite Uplink 512

This is based very heavily on the 'Shark Tank' deck by dodgepong ( and I've just shaken it up a little.

This is actually quite a lot like an earlier incarnation of Shark Tank, before Psychic Field replaced Encryption Protocol. I felt like the Field was annoying for the runner 2/3rds of the time, but didn't actually help me to flatline them the way Snare!/DRT did. I tried supporting it with Manhunt to tag them when they hit the Field but ultimately I was playing a combo of two cards just to try and play Snares 4 & 5.

I've gone back to pure economic warfare, running City Surveillance AND SanSan (where previously Shark Tank did one or the other) and a cheaper Ice suite to avoid the cost of Data Raven but keep taxation. Tech Startup is a flexible card that basically gets you what you need, be it a Jackson Howard, PAD Campaign, Reversed Accounts, or Encryption Protocol.

Strong point of the deck is that the runner basically has no idea what you're trying to do until you do it, especially if they don't see a DRT (and you can convincingly look like you've no idea yourself!).

Weak point for the deck is the economy. If they know your deck and kill PAD/Marked Accounts it REALLY hurts. It's like a triple whammy to my economy - killing PAD gets me less cash, it's also one less server for Diversified Portfolio, and it also makes me click for cash which means I'm not creating remotes which makes Diversified Portfolio even worse! The vulnerability of the economy assets is a key reason why I switched back to Encryption Protocols to try and defend them.

Oh it's called Catch The Pigeon because I don't know why. Something about rezzing the DRTs to kill the runner when he comes in made that Hanna Barbera cartoon spring to mind. :-/