Yellow Deck Wins [Just Do It V2]

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Welcome to Haarpsichord Studio

A Chinese saying goes:"兵貴神速。"(Bing-Gui-Shen-Su)<From孫子兵法>

In English,"Speed is crucial in military affairs."

Stephen Chow's film "Kung-Fu" said "天下武功,無堅不摧,唯快不破"

In English,
"In the martial arts, there is no impregnable defense, only the swiftness is invincible."

Yes, these are also true in card game worlds.

What is the always Tier 1 deck in MTG?

Yes, RDW is.
(For those who don't know MTG, RDW"Red deck wins"
means a super fast creature and sorcery hamming
deck, ought to end the game within 5 turns,or
they will just lose easily.However, RDW still dominates
in MTG for decades whatever the card pool be.)

This deck is going to be the YDW(Yellow Deck wins) in the Netrunner

How did this deck performed so far?

I have to admit that, playing future cards is abusing current card pool, so the result should be considered as the most optimistic situation.

These are the 50 games performances so far
(On OCTGN 35 games, face-to-face 15 games)

  • Shaper 18 games

    • Kate 6 win 0 lose
    • Kit 3 win 0 lose
    • Professor 1 win 0 lose
    • Chaos Theory 5 win 1 lose
    • Hayley Kaplan 2 win 0 lose
  • Anarch 22 games

    • Valencia 2 win 1 lose
    • Reina 7 win 0 lose
    • Noise 3 win 1 lose
    • Maxx 4 win 1 lose
    • Kim 1 win 2 lose
  • Criminal 10 games

    • Andromeda 6 wins 1 lose
    • Gabe 2 wins 0 lose
    • Laramy 1 win 0 lose

It went 43-7, which means win rate is equal to 86%.
(These data contained Just do it V1 and other comprehensive prototypes.
When playing on the OCTGN, award bait is not released yet, so I use
other 1-pointers to replace it. As for the ID, I use NEH and not
to trigger the effect of installing new server draw a card, instead,
I tell the opponent I use the harpsichord so don’t steal many
agendas per turn.)

Key concept

  1. Draw econ and killing suite. Play econ event when you draw it.
  2. Throw useless agendas into archive, install 2~3 useful agendas (Profiteering, Breaking News, Astroscript Pilot Program, Gila hands Arcology) if you want to score.
  3. Waiting for Midseason Replacement timing.
  4. Win.

Further Strategy

You may be surprised that such a janky build can have 86% win rate. What if they: Account Siphon recursion? Plascrete Carapace? Keyhole? Vamp? Imp? Beach Party? I’ve had worse? …. And other shenanigans…. Yes, these cards do exist, and seeing in play quite often.

But let me tell you some dirty secrets about this deck:

  1. You play really really fast. The runner is almost impossible to set up well.
    The pure hate cards such as Paper Tripping Plascrete Carapace cannot be settle up
    within 3 turns (Almost no one plays first two turn Plascrete Carapace which ruins their economy.)

  2. The runner cannot refuse to take agendas.You just have so many Midseason Replacement windows.
    Did they Paper Tripping your tags? Midseason Replacement them again!

  3. A successful Account Siphon usually takes a whole turn.(play clear clear, at least 3 clicks.)
    Which is too slow!!!

  4. This deck has 6 killing card. Arbitrary 2 cards can kill the runner.
    (Even if it’s TA+TA, sometimes it just can kill the runner with 3 card hand.)

  5. Astroscript Pilot Program is a super bluffing. I only won once through 7 points,
    but I often try to sneak out 1 Astroscript Pilot Program in my games, which made the runner
    super nervous and try to Keyhole out my agendas.

  6. Whenever the runner tries to Keyhole or Medium or Nerve Agent you, you are almost win already.
    (Unless theirKeyhole target is your killing card. Trust me, all players on the OCTGN just tried to snipe
    agendas but not sniping Scorch. Don’t ask me why, they just did it.)

  7. Profiteering is the god of this deck, you don’t bother by BP, but you want to bully the
    runner with credits. Score Profiteering so as you played 3 Hedge Funds.

  8. You always sit in 30+ Credits. Don't be afraid of Vamp.

  9. Really bad match ups should be Edward Kim

  10. Each game, therotically you only have 7 turns to play (They hit one agenda per turn, except they hit Astroscript Pilot Program.). However, in practice, I always have around 10 turns to play. Due to the threaten of Midseason Replacement and their bad luck.

Further card consideration:

This deck’s deckspace is really tight.
You have to put in 17 agendas, 9 cards killing suite,
at least 6 ICEs to prevent super early siphon,
9 cards event economy, some drawing machines.
So there are not so many spaces for me.

However, I still want to try following cards.

Invasion Of Privacy I am not so sure about this card, some people from OCTGN suggests me this.
This card taking 2 clicks, I don’t have so many times! This card taxes myself but I need credits.
This card can help you remove some stupid cards and for surely scorch chance. The most important
reason why I don’t give this card a space is that it cannot remove Plascrete Carapace.

Closed account This card is so good, but I just cannot find a place to fit in.
Some times after the Midseason Replacement, I have to keep drawing cards and wait for scorch.
If I have 1 or 2 closed accounts, The runner may suffer a huge economy pain.

Coporate Shuffle This card is awesome in this deck! Consider it is a new style
of anonymous tip. You can put back your agendas into R&D. And try to get some useful cards
into hand. But when I have Midseason Replacement in hand, I am not so sure if I want to do this.

7 May 2015 dante77

Very strong deck. Think about Shipment from MirrorMorph. Replace whit Scorched Earth. My idea on deck in your type:

7 May 2015 Lambo

@dante77 I don't understand why would you want to use Shipment from MirrorMorph?

This deck doesn't focus on scoring agendas, I don't see profits from installing agendas.

7 May 2015 dante77

Scoring agenda it's plan B. Who knows what's happend during the game. Plan B always good ;)

7 May 2015 Lambo

@dante77 With only 2 Scorched Earth in the deck, your killing consistency is very very low.
However, Shipment from MirrorMorph doesn't guarantee your winning from scoring.

7 May 2015 Dydra

meh, should work .... seems like an update of Butcher shop

7 May 2015 say200426

@dante77 My thought is as the same as @Lambo Shipment from MirrorMorph doesn't help this deck, Scorched Earth is so important to this deck, never cut it.

@Dydra This is somehow different from Butcher Shop. Butcher Shop is a good deck, but not that fast. With more consistency, Butcher Shop deck has a better agenda suite.

7 May 2015 NicoleyMoley

Film Critic is a card coming out in Old Hollywood as well:

Resource Connection "~ can host a single agenda. Whenever you access an agenda, you may host that agenda on Film Critic (the agenda is no longer being accessed and is uninstalled). [CLICK], [CLICK]: Add an agenda hosted on Film Critic to your score area"

This allows the runner to see an agenda, host it instead of scoring it, and then add it to their score area rather than steal it so you can't Midseasons. If they have more than one out they can just run your bin, host as many agendas as they have Film Critics and then take them off whenever.

7 May 2015 say200426

@NicoleyMoley Of course I know that card.

Pure hate cards never stop people from playing it.

People saying clot will make FA deck disappear, but actually,
I don't see people going to packaging clots/Traffic Jams into their decks, at least not every deck as plascrete did.

Netrunner doesn't have sideboards, which is totally different from MTG.

If every runner packaged 3 Film Critics into their deck, it's messing up their deck speed, which is not be possible on deck construction.

7 May 2015 NicoleyMoley

@say200426Except Film Critic is good against other decks too, especially RP because it allows you to avoid TFP psi games. I'm not saying it will be in every deck but it's not as narrow a card as Clot or Plascrete (which people do play), and it also counters Haarpsicord in general by allowing you to take more than 1 agenda per turn so I think it will see play depending on the meta after Old Hollywood is released. I think your deck is good but I don't think it will necessarily get the same results when we actually get Old Hollywood.

7 May 2015 say200426

@NicoleyMoley Film Critic is very narrow, except Haarpsichord become as popular as NEH.

Three major things Film Critic can punch on:
* The Future Perfect (Psi agendas)
* Fetal AI, TGTBT, NAPD (Taxing agendas)
* Haarpsichord ability, Midseason (NBN abusing)
I don't think these have any difference from Astro-train.
(Making irreversible bad board state)
And... Film Critic is too click intensive(Install run click click)
I think the current discussion is too optimistic with this card.
(Maybe this thread is also optimistic about this ID :P)
Anyway, I hope the release of Haarpsichord can have three impacts on current meta:
* More Edward Kim
* Less Near Earth Hub
* New IDs to deck construct with
To be honest, my favorite ID in this game is Chaos Theory.
She is just so flexible that, no one says she is OP and keep constructing new type of decks.

All of the above, these are my expectations for this game.

7 May 2015 NicoleyMoley

@say200426I don't know about your meta, but RP is everywhere at the moment and if it continues to be I imagine Film Critic will see a decent amount of play. People hate psi games :P

The click intensity of it doesn't matter so much when it's winning you the game! And you can always wait until you have the spare clicks to take it off if you're comfortable that you won't be tagged and have FC trashed.

But yeah I like your deck I just wouldn't get too ahead of ourselves about what its win rate will be like and how much play it will see until all these cards actually come out.

CT is also my favourite <3

7 May 2015 magikot

Have you considered swapping the Gila Hands for the new Award Bait?

8 May 2015 say200426

@magikot Yes, I do. But I am not sure that card is definitely helpful to me.

No matter I put Award Bait or Gila hands into my deck, they primarily just be a 1 pointer. No more.

I do think award bait is better than Gila hands, but the agenda construction may be modified after this ID being released.

8 May 2015 sruman

Thanks for posting and the write-up, but I am unconvinced that running this is better than running a version of NEH Butcher Shop ( e.g. ). That shell has more money, more ice (you do actually need it in some games), more recursion for damage cards (reclamation order) and is just as fast as NEH always is. Not being able to lose more than 1 agenda a turn is an advantage, but doesn't seem to cover the advantages of the NEH shell. Profiteering is a good include for the big money burst to enable Midseasons, but maybe porting that over to the NEH build might be stronger overall ?

8 May 2015 TonyStellato

This deck looks interesting. I'm so iffy about this plan everybody has to run 1 million agendas in NBN. To me, it just means you lose in 7 turns. But you have clearly tested the deck a bunch, so if you think you can win before then, then I guess I'm on board. I look forward to trying it out.

8 May 2015 say200426

@sruman This deck is incomparable to NEH.
Totally different approach.
NEH is stable Econ, stable FA, stable drawing, which is ideal for Tournament quality.
This deck didn't ask you to bring it to Regional to get a 1st place or what.
Haarpsichord has a natural ability to avoid agenda over drawing. All you need to do is to keep drawing and throw them into Archives.
In 20 agendas Haarpsichord deck, you cannot lose your game before turn 7.
As what I mentioned in my write-up, in reality, runner just do not steal agendas every turn.
* Midseason Avoid.
* Trying to draw Imp or Plascrete or other shenanigans.
* Top of R&D is not agenda, they stuck.
NEH do not place 2 agendas onto remotes to play lose-lose shell games. In haarpsichord, you can do the following.
* astro + breaking news
* breaking news + breaking news
* profiteering + profiteering
* profiteering + breaking news
* astro + astro
* profiteering + astro

By the way, I don't believe that NEH has much more short term money than this build.

8 May 2015 say200426

@TonyStellato You don't lose in 7 turns. Having 17 agendas does not make your agenda will be always on top of the R&D.

As I mentioned, the runner is not going to steal agendas every turn. You basically have around 11 turns to play.

8 May 2015 invictus_blue

A couple test draws for what turns 1 - 2 look like were pretty cool. Many of them had great chances for a turn 2 kill. The idea that the deck will very rarely lose before turn 7 is a great one.

It may be able to be competitive, but we'll have to see what cards come out until then, and how the runner meta responds if this becomes strong.

Great idea, will definitely be keeping my eye on this one!

8 May 2015 say200426

@invictus_blue I really appreciate that you do love this ID and my build.

I hope you can try this with a simple proxy(print a haarpsichord ID, or just use any NBN ID to represent it.)

8 May 2015 Lluluien

This is a really cool idea. I think you've probably put together the shell of something here that's going to eventually require a lot of rethinking Runner strategy for a lot of people.

So how do you beat this?

I haven't played against anything like this yet, but it seems to me that this deck is RIGHTEOUSLY screwed by a Wanton Destruction a few turns in after it has sifted through its first ~15 cards by you overdrawing and then throwing away everything that doesn't support your murder plan. If you've picked out Midseason, Scorch, Scorch, Traffic Accident as 4 cards out of your 5 card hand, I'm guaranteed to leave you only two of those cards at most if I make you discard 3. No matter which two they are, you can't kill me in one turn without drawing another one. Either you don't have Midseason anymore, or you don't have two kill cards anymore. If you're playing against a deck with a couple of these and Same Old Thing, then you might be in deep, deep trouble. There's lots of reasons why you might see those in a deck even now just because people like Vamp, Wanton Destruction, Account Siphon, and so on, and Same Old Thing is super awesome in any deck that runs more than 1 run event like that.

Another thing that's going to hurt this deck is having to spend so many clicks and credits advancing if it ends up needing to win by scoring out. The obvious conclusion to jump to in this deck is "OMG THE RUNNER CAN WIN IN 7 TURNS GO SUPER SUPER FAST!"... but that only helps you, not the Runner. The Runner isn't forced to play that fast, because you don't score the agendas as fast at the Runner does. You have to spend clicks to install and advance them. When the Runners realize they don't have to win in 7 turns just because they CAN win in 7 turns, then you stop murdering them with such high frequency.

The response to this is probably something along the lines of "HA HA, then I just score Profiteering and now I'm rolling in the money!", to which I say.... so what? What are you going to do with all that money? You're not going to Midseason the Runner with it if he refuses to score your agendas because you can't score them fast enough.

So what does the Runner do with his time instead? First thing that comes to my mind is to Keyhole you. Priority #1 is taking out your Data Ravens. If you don't have Data Raven on R&D and a Runner just Keyholes you 4 times per turn, you're probably in a bad way now, and that's a legitimate concern with so little ICE, particularly if you're funding all those advancement counters you're clicking for with Profiteering and its Bad Publicity. For what it's worth in defending against this, I think Data Raven and Wraparound (probably a toss-up between this card and Jackson for Keyhole Priority #2) are great choices, but I'd probably use Tollbooths instead of Pop-up Windows because if milling you to death is your Achilles Heel, then you have to stop that shit post-freaking-haste once the Runner commits to it. Fortunately for you, Tollbooth gives you something awesome to do with all that money you're making by scoring those Profiteering that the Runner isn't taking.

More high-priority mill cards are AstroScript Pilot Program, not because of the usual reason but because it gives you 2 points for 4 clicks instead of 1 point for 4 clicks, and Breaking News, because you can tag them with it without them running against you.

I think a crucial strategy for you once people start learning to play this deck against you is to advance agendas that you want to score to only 2 tokens and leave them for a turn. Doing this is going to threaten that you are going to kill the Runner anyway and leaves them with a bad Sophie's Choice - do I run it and possibly get hit with Midseason Replacements or do I not run and get double/triple nuked by Breaking News? I think playing this part of the hidden-information game properly against a good Runner is going to be critical for you continuing to force the frenetic pace of the game on a Runner that knows he doesn't want it, lest he die.

For the same reason, I think this deck actually has too much money since you don't have enough ways to turn that money into winning if you don't get to play Midseason Replacements, and I wonder if a better version this deck is going to swap 1-2 Restructure with 1-2 SEA Source. It's true that SEA Source won't turn on your Traffic Jam, but it will turn on your double Scorched Earth, and it seems a good way to take out a Runner that is making effective runs on you (i.e. those that are dismantling your deck and credits instead of trying to play into your game of steal-an-agenda-and-die) since your game plan sounds as though it is to draw so aggressively (making it easier to find the second Scorched Earth).

Definitely a lot of crunchy strategy discussion to be had around this deck, I think.

9 May 2015 say200426

@Lluluien Thanks for your strategy write-up.
You are definitely so far the one who most understand how to beat this deck.
You are totally right, for those who see "OH the runner can win in 7 turns!" "Film Critic hurts you." "Imp hurts you", will lose their pants every time. The runner doesn't have to be fast, but they always do! The most effective way you play against this is "Don't steal agendas before your credits is lower than me, click your Kati and Opus like mad!"
For SEA source, the most important concern on this choice would be... Traffic accident will be dead card. I have known if the runner refuse to play my game, I may lose. So compared to "Just do it ver 1", I put AstroScript Pilot Program into this Ver2. The runner cannot refuse to steal the face-down agendas if they see one Astro already scored.
I admit that this deck is really hard to play against. My friends told me "Your mother fucking shit! This deck is so ridiculous!" after they played few games with me. But you need to adapt to it, since this ID will come into everyone's META after 3 packs, and I am pretty sure this kind of build (not have to be mine version, but similar ideas) will be everywhere.

9 May 2015 coldplay5566

Cool deck!

9 May 2015 oNiBi

Just wanted to give my 2 cents: I have played against this sh*t a hell lot of times now and it is just plain ridiculous, really. So frustrating. I do not even know how horrible it must be with Haarpsichord but the NEH versions (which run pad/marked) are about unbeatable already because of that free draw, maybe even stronger. It seems that many people misunderstand how this deck is played effectively, so I will briefly explain it (at least the way I understand it), just to make sure: They put down a remote and EITHER you run it, wasting clicks and getting probably seasoned OR they score astro (points) or even better breaking news (kill). So far so good. But with Hedge and Restructure, Sweeps and Pop-Up they make money like a boss, and you just cannot keep up, even with Mopus - i tried it several times. NEH grants you free draws for agendas to put down; Haarpsichord achieves that with Anonymous Tip. This deck is waaay faster than other NEH/NBN and takes a bath in credits like fkn Uncle $crooge. The important point is, that if you dare to not score what they put down (which as said above is more or less the best strategy for most decks), they will put down more of it, advance it a tad, and score it all in one turn (say 2 Astros). What you gonna do? You have to run at some point! Say200426 explained to uselessness of hate cards already pretty well - there is basically no point, because they do not care at all; either too slow or no point because of recurring credits or just too many of them. It sounds simple: Play 3 I've Had Worse, 2 Plascretes something and just set up the hate. But no, enter the misunderstanding: If you play plascrete/mopus/whatever expensive rig, they will just score agendas or kill you with breaking news. If you Wanton/Imp they can still shuffle back in. And do not be fooled: they burn through plascretes sometimes. It may be possible to win with a really fast deck and lucky maker's/leg but ever so often it just does not - as said above these decks just die. It is a dilemma, you go fast and die, you go slow and die (breaking news) or lose (points). Seriously, if this is played well, it is super frustrating. And as a bonus, you cannot even anticipate this play, because it could well be any other NEH, slamming down assets. You could be certain turn 2-3 and at that point it may be too late already. But even if you know that exactly this deck is played, you may still lose like mad, like I did, and still do. I hate it. HORRIBLE! I know this may be exaggerated and not qutie as bad in some games, but this is exactly how it feels to run against it. You just cannot know if they have the combo, if it is good to go fast or sit back. Why am I writing this? Because I want to understande how to beat this with a somewhat regular tournament viable deck. I do not want to state that it is overpowered or something, rage and flame - there must be a way to play against it that has at least a decent chance to win. Please let me know if you have any further ideas!

9 May 2015 say200426

@oNiBi Yes, you are totally right! That's why I post this deck.
This deck just seemed so inconsistent, but not true. Every starting hand with 3 agendas or fewer(As long as you don't get a 4-5 agendas hand.)is just so viable.
For those who haven't tested yet, I strongly suggest you start testing this.
Today, I played with a Edward Kim who is constructed based on crashing this deck.(Included: Imps, Wantons, Keyholes, Parasites)
2 Wins. 0 Loss. I am also scared. I hope the FFG could really release some cards that is useful enough to play against this deck. (Film Critic is good, but not really help.)

15 May 2015 TheBjorn

Played five games versus this deck today with Whizzard, Ken and Quetzl. Was a real tough time and lost the first four games but it got more and more even as I got even more cautious. The big "problem" when facing it is that the deck gets filthy rich from Profiteering and it is hard to find a good way to invest those bad publicity credits into anything useful. But in the fifthgame I could Wanton twice and that really blew the sail out of the deck as the combopieces were suddenly missing. So even when I took alot of tags I could keep the corp poor and start to grab an agenda almost every turn - and of I've had worse is something you need to find fast of course.

So all in all I think this deck is really strong and I dont get why we get another kill-deck ID instead of an identity that could actually use tags for something more funky. Guess we'll see more plascretes again and I am not sure that is for the greater good of the game.

28 May 2015 aero

This deck is awesome. I love that for all intents regarding agendas, multi-access which is so prevalent in a lot of metas becomes a null point. As stated above, I'm sure Wanton Destruction and Demolition Run/Medium could signal bad stuff, but the ability to get so much money and hurt the runner is just ridiculous.