Great Wall of Weyland - Stargazer Edition

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This is an update of etherial's Great Wall of Weyland deck, updated for the new Constellation Ice.

The original deck is discussed here:

I also blogged about it here:

The basic plan is "Advance Ice, Commercialise, Trick of Light, Profit". The main changes are in the Ice base, with the old deck forced to play Shadow and Hadrian's Wall in order to have enough advanceable Ice. I can upgrade those to Fire Wall and a mix of the big Wormhole/Orion 'constellation' Ice. Most of the changes to the rest of the deck flow from this Ice restructure.

1) No Shadow = no tags = no Scorched Earth. Power Shutdown replaces

2) Constellation Ice = Advances spread across more Ice not piled on one = Commercialisation gets worse, Shipment From Kaguya becomes better

The rest is minor reshuffles, and I've been surprised so far by how effective this is proving. The constellation Ice really helps push the Weyland BWBI ability up a notch - now each advance you put down is worth 3 credits, not 1. The economy benefit of the constellation Ice is so much that where Trick of Light was previously only ever saved for fast advance Agendas it's sometimes a reasonable play to use it to just cut 6 off the cost of Orion. You can install Orion, Trick, Advance with your recurring credit, and then rez it for a total cost of 7 (6 + ToL).

Quetzal and D4v1d both hurt this deck somewhat, probably Quetzal most of all. If you think she's big in your meta then I'd look to replace Fire Wall with the old school Hadrian's Wall, and maybe use the Power Shutdown slots to beef up your economy to pay for them. Although D4v1d is efficient against this deck the sheer number of big Ice should mean their sling runs out rocks pretty quickly.

The deck is quite linear, playing almost a glacier style due to the big Ice, but without building Ice towers so deep or really needing that much money - this is a Weyland deck that rarely has tons of cash and can function from a single digits bank balance quite happily.

Thomas Haas is rarely spectacular but he's your dangling bait to tempt runners into wading through your big glacier for no reward - he's there to drain the runner and also to catch Blackmails/Inside Jobs etc

This is still a development deck, but what I thought was a lousy theme deck I built just to use some Order & Chaos cards has so far not dropped a game. Not against premium opposition, but it's been very comfortable so far...

5 May 2015 rahmal

Wow...haven't seen anything from you in while! I enjoyed reading your blog back in the day. Deck looks good too!

5 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

I'm dipping my toe back into the water - played one game last week and enjoyed it, so I've picked up a few of the data packs I missed and exploring new decks.

In first impressions the format has moved on enough now that it feels quite fresh, and I'm enjoying myself. We'll see how long it lasts!

5 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

Needs more Constellation Protocol. It's the best support card for advanceable ice.

5 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

Constellation Protocal is pretty casual, I think, and I'm playing Shipment instead. The Protocol never actually adds value, it just moves value around that you've already invested... over several turns... if the runner doesn't trash it.

Shipment and Trick of Light combine to mean you can outperform Protocol, I believe.

5 May 2015 therealwarrior

I appreciate Thomas Haas, but maybe GRNDL Refinery would be more efficient in this deck, (sometimes) earning you some money when needed.

5 May 2015 gumonshoe

The two big cards you might want to try to find slots for are Cyberdex Virus Suite and Crisium Grid. The latter just has a lot of value against siphon, vamp, lamprey, and multi access events. The former is an escape hatch against large medium digs and allows you some "combat tricks" mid run by wiping data suckers or darwin or hivemind.

At top levels of play they're each seeing 2x in about every deck. Then again, you understand your deck and may have a better idea what it needs. And the slots look very tight.

GRNDL refinery is very good in a deck like this though... as can be reversed accounts. Like to see the bwbi ID come out.

5 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

GRNDL is the obvious card (or Reversed Accounts if you burn influence) but the fact you have to click to trash the card makes it actually serve a totally different purpose. Haas is a risk-free bait, while with GRNDL you're going double-or-quits. If they don't run it you win money +4 credits over Haas, if they do run it you lose -4 credits over Haas (though they spend 2 to make it happen).

I think ultimately I don't need the +4 as the deck is actually quite cheap (once you advance your big guys) and I think the risk of losing 4 credits you actually need isn't worth trying to win 4 extra credits you maybe don't.

Good shout, though!

5 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

@gumonshoe I think I'm a long way off being convinced that this is a top tier deck. :-)

I'm increasingly convinced that there's something to it, though, and it's definitely a working deck that can score Agendas and win games. It's worth playing around with, and if anybody is looking for a reason to dust off their BWBI and play it then this is worth a look.

5 May 2015 gumonshoe

Tier one is no fun.

Haas may be more valuable than he looks at first glance in this meta. Headlock Reina is all about bankrupting the corp and he offers a way to recover after a vamp. This sort of deck always makes me want to put matrix analyzer in. But that's bad. Don't do that.

5 May 2015 unitled

Glad you're enjoying being back in the game! I quite like this idea, and the prospect of sitting across the table from all that advanced unrezzed ice fills me with dread... One thing my Weyland friends have been saying is that Fire Wall isn't much cop, though, how have you been finding it? Might Asteroid Belt work in that position? Changeling is also QUITE nice with Firmware in the same deck, but that suffers here as you'd never advance it more than once.

(I still suspect you could run this deck just as well in Titan with Yale, but I might need to put my money where my mouth is on that one ;) )

5 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

@gumonshoe Builder is the new Matrix Analyser. NetrunnerDB even recommended the card to me when I was building.

Bad dog, NetrunnerDB, bad dog!

5 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

@untitled Fire Wall is... fine. It's a replacement for Hadrian's Wall which itself wasn't a fantastically efficient barrier. It's probably better in this deck because I love to advance Ice, so it's commonly STR 8-10, at which point it really drains the runner's economy to keep coming through. If you're using it as an ETR wall then 5 is a lot to pay just to ETR, but when you're advancing and using its taxing side then I think it works out a lot better.

I had Asteroid Belt in but you can't run too many Constellation ice or you spend the whole time advancing and never do anything... vs Asteroid Belt Fire Wall is just 1STR less (unadvanced) and costs 4 less to rez. At the point where I advance it once I'm getting a STR6 Fire Wall for 5 or a STR6 Asteroid Belt for 6. It's just better in this deck.

As I say in the spiel, though. If Quetzal is around then Fire Wall is awful and needs to be Hadrians.

15 Jun 2015 Danny

I really like the idea of your deck. I am going to copy it to go play tonight. Would you consider Oaktown Renovation in the deck or do you think the economy is fine without it?

15 Jun 2015 Satellite Uplink

@Danny I haven't played this deck in a while so not tried Oaktown. I don't know if it has any particular bad synergy with the deck, although I also can't see why it's definitely better than something fracking - prob worth a try.

I think I would try and splash done of the morph ice in? Maybe drop a Fire Wall and an Archer for Lycan and Changeling? That might justify putting a Constellation Protocol in, though I still think that cards mostly casual.

28 Aug 2015 Frodo13

I started building a similar deck this week, and I sort of like Builder as a code gate Ice. Do you see any use for that card?