[Startup] Loot Boxes are not for kids

Gaxeco 213

This is my hot take on Hyoubu ive been cooking for a month and a half already. I've had decent sucess with it in recent tournaments and jinteki (76% winrate in 30+ games).

The plan is simple:

4 Nov 2021 X-Dante-X


4 Nov 2021 segismundo


4 Nov 2021 ndsmaxatope

Ñ indeed

4 Nov 2021 Ätsch


4 Nov 2021 Oddball

As a lover of Hyoubu Institute: Absolute Clarity, this looks like a fun deck to pilot.

Lately I've moved away from Celebrity Gift to Hansei Review. The less knowledge of the exact content of your hand, the more you can get away with bluffing Snare!. With the "disposable" Loot Boxes/Rime and Subliminal would not hurt your decks game plan too much.

4 Nov 2021 Gaxeco

Hansei Review its a nice swap indeed, but I like the extra burst that gives me the Gift in a pinch, specially in the first few turns after you are broke.