Glengarry Glen Obo -- Top half at Worlds

SirLoathing 1053

For worlds I chose my two decks with the highest winrate from the month beforehand in jNet casual lobbies. On the day of worlds it won the majority of its games earning me my Bio Vault promos and faction dice. Shortly before worlds, this deck took me to second at the Ausie world warmup event hosted by ValeNetrunner. This deck is just as difficult to pilot well as it is to run against.

The 1 point agenda's are not important, it's rarely worth scoring them early. Your primary goal with every action you take is to keep the runner away from Obo UNLESS you are in a position to Punitive kill while running them into as many Snares, Shi.Kyus and Psychic Fields as possible.

Invest in the runner's score area. Feed them a healthy supply of points so you can buy them back and Punitive them out.

To accomplish this goal we must direct the runner away from the Obos. When the Obos are in HQ, keep HQ full of Snares and Shi.Kyus. When the Obos are in RD, make sure to install lots of cards. When the runner refuses to run your remotes, advance House of Knives.

In many ways you are the Jinteki version of Sports Metal Combo. Fill their scoring area up with garbage to feed your Stock Buy Backs; if you're ever richer then the runner, naked or lightly iced Obos can be advanced backed up by Punitive.

Some games play more like potatoes where you just grind the runner out, take a string of 1 damage punitives, and leave them too low in cards to ever steal an Obo.

As a rule of thumb, never ever be bellow 4 credits. If they run doof, that becomes 9 creds. If you miss a Snare trigger you will lose the game. As such, do not advance a HoK or rez an ice if there is any chance you could miss a Snare access.

Some specific card discussions:

House of Knives: Your best agenda. When choosing between advancing agendas take this one.

Sting!: Is often best left on the board for a long time because it can often kill a runner who hits a late in the turn Obo, Snare, or Psychic Field.

The Future is Now: Generally searches for economy (Hedge Fund, Stock Buy Back, Rashida) or a Shi.Kyu to poison archives with. Sometimes you grab an Anansi.

Dedicated Neural Network: Can be surprisingly good. Runners hate paying more then 0 ever on an HQ access so it turns your snares to 5 credits to land almost 100% of the time.

Psychic Field: Makes or breaks games. Runners really can't afford to ignore your naked agendas because two scored House of Knives is often enough to potatoes them out on their own. As such, they will be forced into checking for Psychic Fields most games. Personally, I always roll the d3 for psi games. Trying to big brain it IMO has a lower success rate then 66%, which is the success rate from rolling.

Hokusai Grid: Is just a better choice then Prisec or Neural Emp for chip damage. Largely because with Stargate or other access bypassing effects it represents 2 damage.

Your ice: Is largely trivial. You want to limit the number of chances the runner has at accessing Obo, so try and place your ice accordingly. This generally means icing RD the most because Stargate and just eating Doofs, Embezzles and other HQ pressure but not always. We do ice HQ against Freedom. Against some decks we play "fully operational" style and install all of our naked agendas and psychic fields behind ice. Generally speaking though, once a remote is populated DO NOT over install a trap fake that hasn't been checked. Oftentimes this deck will leave a Sting! or even an Obo on the board for 5+ turns. As such, an iced Psychic Field should not be over installed until checked because it represents a Sting! threat to a runner.

If there are any questions let me know. Had a blast working on the deck and piloting it at worlds. Thanks NISEI for putting on such a great event, can't wait for next year. My runner deck from worlds is here

21 Oct 2020 valerian32

So you're the other Jinteki PE player. Interesting deck, I like it! I want to try it some day = )