Great MaxX 21-11-07 (1st @ Berlin SC)

Watzlav 772

Why do you play Big MaxX, when you can play Great MaxX?

I pronounce any further discussion on correct deck-size invalid. Not that there was a discussion to be had in the first place. That being said, I will keep this write-up characteristically short.

In the first round of the tournament I beat lostgeek on Ikawah Blamechanger. Scoring an Ikawah Project and then not finding another agenda is likely not an ideal scenario for him.

I was facing Daniel on Pálaná in the second round. Despite the unbans Jinteki is in a rough spot. I won the game in fourty minutes. The best Jinteki decks aim at losing in something closer to an hour.

Dome_ had a bad draw with his Asa deck which let me increase my tally against NWE to 2:0.

I lost the last round against 114141's PD on time. Having less than fifteen minutes to finish the game, I had to be very aggressive from the get go, but that didn't yield me enough points. That's not to say they didn't play really well, which they did.

In conclusion, I think this deck is really good. However, the night after the tournament a voice in my dream was very critical of the Patchwork. I will try replacing them with two Keiko and a Trickster Taka, hoping to make the deck surreally good.

10 Nov 2021 DonLoverGate

Looks good! How is this in the asset matchups, i.e. CtM and Gagarin?

10 Nov 2021 Longi

Watzlav, the Purist :) Congrats buddy! I like the deck and I like the idea of companion engine even more.

10 Nov 2021 Bl4nk3t

going 0 Simulchip in Patchwork MaxX - without bin-decoder - is what I call bold! Interesting direction to go definitely - I would have never even considered that maybe Labor Rights could be enough all on its lonesome. But seeing this list I agree it's the right decision - good thinking!

I agree on the swap to Keiko on the basis of MU being quite tight and on Patchwork taking so much of a toll on the deck that I suspect it might be worn out too fast some times.

PS: Obligatory heretical suggestion: go for 46 cards with an extra HQ pressure like Bhagat ? 47 cards for an extra Trickster Taka or Mystic Maemi or single Leech ? ...ok I'll stop now ;)

11 Nov 2021 5N00P1

Looks nice and lean, I might give it a try. Don't break Drafter to often with Engolo

11 Nov 2021 adquen

0/10, not enough Apocalypse.

(nice to see that Anarch decks of nowadays meta still look like Anarch decks and apparently can still win stuff. also gratulations)

18 Nov 2021 iref

Congratz on great result, Watzlav! Thank you for posting the deck. I took it with your suggested changes to Brno SC and went 3-1, beating Palana, Jemison and Acme. The only loss was against Longis PD which was definitely my fault because I had a good start but I messed up my labour rights after a really good start. Anyway, the deck is a beast and really fun to play. Would play again. :D