Pyrrhic Argus

MondoPeregrino 127

Undefeated through the last two Store Championships and a GNK tourney earlier this week.

This deck lives and dies by False Lead. Score one as early as possible and your Data Ravens and Snare! will guarantee you land a tag eventually. I have yet to wish for SEA Source.

MVP of this deck is Invasion of Privacy. I originally just put it in here for I've Had Worse, which it absolutely wrecks, but it also works great against any event- or resource-heavy runner. These used to be Snoops, but they were too unreliable. Invasion hasn't failed me yet. I've even flatlined with Invasion into a single-point Punitive. I will be trying to include at least one of these in every flatline deck I make for the forseeable future.

I would highly recommend replacing Government Contracts with High-Risk Investment. I haven't tested this change yet, but it sounds like an incredible suggestion for econ I plan on using.

The econ looks a bit light, but you shouldn't need a lot of money to land a tag and Scorch. Punitives are mostly there so you can dump agendas in archives early while you search for what you need. Most runners are too scared to run an Argus archives with 6 or more face-down cards until it's time to try and win the game. This allows you to save your Jacksons for recycling Snare! and Parasited/Femmed Data Ravens.

Mulligan the Snare! You want that guy living in R&D for as much of the game as possible. If they Data Raven into a Snare! with a False Lead scored, it's probably game over. Play the Snare! as soon as you draw it. If they don't run it, install over and recycle it with Jackson as soon as you can.

Don't panic if the runner gets too rich. As long as you've scored False Lead, you can double-stack the Data Ravens and make a Catch-22 server for the guaranteed win.

This deck is kind of tricky to pilot, and it takes some practice to learn. I lost almost every game at the first two Store Championships I took it to. By the 4th, I was winning every game the runner wasn't playing I've Had Worse. Then I added Invasion of Privacy, and I've only lost two games with it since.

9 Apr 2015 EmJayBee83

So the Data Raven are reserved for your scoring remote?

9 Apr 2015 MondoPeregrino

That's usually where the first one goes, but if you don't find one early and the runner is rich, R&D is a better choice so they hit the Snare.

10 Apr 2015 Manjusri

I run something similar with Blue Sun just because having three data ravens fly around the board is awesome. Maybe I got 2-3 on R&D, maybe on a remote, maybe you femme them and I just keep recalling them and shuffling. Sure I pay 1-2c for the reinstall, but you paid a femme and/or burned a scavenge.