The Manhattan Project v1.2 (The Sun Beyond the Stars)

elderbookwyrm 56

I was playing Frost-Duty's awesome Government Takeover deck. A deck that gives the runner no good options, as running and not running will lose them the game. Blue Sun is probably superior than this derivative... but I thought this would be a smashingly fun deck, in a not as well played ID.

I give to you... The Manhattan Project v1.2 (The Sun Beyond the Stars) why?... Because We Built It!

Changes and Thoughts behind them:

-2 Priority Requisition, +2 High-Risk Investment. Without Blue Sun's ability, High-Risk Investment is the superior card. Not to mention the expensive ICE in this build should cost clicks, not credits.

-1 Cerebral Overwriter, +1 Snare!. Snare! has won me so many games by opening up kill opportunities. I've even had 2 people hit a Snare! last click, leaving them low on cards and tagged.

-3 Oversight AI, +3 Space Camp. Again without Blue Sun's ability Oversight AI is not the optimal card. Since we are optimizing on advance-able ICE and want to punish multi-access runs even more than the low Agenda density and Snare!s accomplish, Space Camp works great as pseudo economy. Also with Ice Wall and Fire Wall it makes successive runs harder and more taxing. This deck wants the runner running, just taxed as much as possible doing it. Remember that you can advance an Agenda with this card as well, and that it costs 3 to trash. I haven't ever played one in a remote... as that seems counter intuitive to me. I use them as HQ, R&D, and Archive traps.

The ICE has been completely reworked. I went all in on advance-able ICE:

The space ice Asteroid Belt, Wormhole, Nebula, and Orion all have the ability rez for 0 after a little investment in /. This makes them immune to the majority of Emergency Shutdown and Crescentus tactics, minus Leela who won't get many uses of her ability due to having 6 agendas total. These also work along with the ID to turn your ID into a pseudo click for 3, once a turn.

The advancable Ice Wall and Fire Wall, behind a Builder can get extremely taxing. Builder is a great taxing card, A 2 cost 4 str with 2 subroutine ICE, that you'll have to decide whether to pay 4 now to break, or 2 now and every additional time you pass them. Builder can also bring online large space ICE quicker than the opponent may want. Creating a much larger tax by not spending the 4 to break.

So there it is. I appreciate any comments, and I'll be continually testing it. Just wanted to get peoples opinions on the general layout... and what to do with that extra 2 influence!