Fast Acting Quaaludes (Halifax Store Championship Winner)

Snake Eyes 4620

Eater is best in Quetzal: Free Spirit because she can circumvent the effect of Wraparound's high strength. The Cutlery Suite fits her well as a quicker and less intensive means of destroying ICE than Parasite.

This deck uses a few "instead of accessing" effects that synergize with Eater - such as Account Siphon, Keyhole, Wanton Destruction, and Singularity.

For economy, this deck uses a tonne of events, as such, Prepaid VoicePAD comes in naturally. 2 can exist each game for events, which is great here. This deck was designed with little in terms of resources so that it has the ability to easily go Tag-Me. Joshua B. and Data Leak Reversal combo to further benefit from piling on the tags. Mill for days, or just enjoy 5 click turn. If the Corp chooses to either, you're coming out ahead. They will almost always trash Data Leak Reversal once it becomes effective - whereas Joshua B. is a toss-up. If the Corp wants to spend 2 and 1/3rd of their turn to get rid of something that cost you zero or 1 and only 1/4th of your turn - You are coming out way ahead in that deal. As an added bonus here - Joshua B. helps make Wanton Destruction even better - allowing you to up to 4 cards from the Corp's hand if you so choose.

There's a little bit of burst draw in I've Had Worse and Inject. Due to the redundancy of most of the programs, and a few recursion tricks in Levy AR Lab Access and Déjà Vu, Inject is almost always safe and beneficial to play. Since there's no Plascrete Carapace in this deck - I've Had Worse should generally be kept in hand versus suspected meat damage decks - whereas you can go all out on card draw if you suspect no tag punishment.

On top of all of the burst economy, there are a few economic cards here that will benefit Quetzal: Free Spirit, namely Spinal Modem and Net Celebrity for their 3s in total. These free credits help your game a lot, considering the economic efficiency that this deck gets out of Quetzal: Free Spirit's base ability, Eater, Mimic, and D4v1d.

e3 Feedback Implants synergizes with Quetzal: Free Spirit's ID ability, and conserve D4v1d counters, all while maintaining it's greatness against all Bioroid ICE (Notably Eli 1.0 since it is common, but really it'll wreck anything that is clickable.).. e3 Feedback Implants and/or D4v1d will also wreck the day of any Oversight AI shenanigans out of Blue Sun.

Since most of the deck here is event-based, Levy AR Lab Access is included to get a 2nd pass through everything - expect by this time around their effects will be more powerful as you are likely to have your fully established Rig, including a full Prepaid VoicePAD economy, and zero fucks given about Injecting away your programs for powerdraws (if anything, they're just seen as pure extra s if they get trashed at that point). Levy AR Lab Access comes with several more benefits - it's fantastic against damage decks too. (as is I've Had Worse)

15 Mar 2015 K3NG

Congrats on the Win!!Man that deck look like a beast!! i really want to test it out!!

15 Mar 2015 Snake Eyes

Thanks man.

Yeah this one has been a beast. It stands up to NEH and Blue Sun. I'm still piloting around when to switch on tag me vs BS. So far I've only committed suicide if their opening hand had two like two scorches or something.

Totally a blast to pilot.

16 Mar 2015 IonFox

This looks soooo familiar ^.^

Anyway congratulations on your win and shiny plaque/regionals bye!

Would you make any changes after 2 tournaments worth of play?

16 Mar 2015 IonFox

Also, did you experience any trouble from servers with two barriers on them to negate your ability?

16 Mar 2015 Snake Eyes

I might add in a single Retrieval Run, and take out a single Spinal Modem. Sometimes you end up burning an early Eater or a Keyhole, after a bad Injection with Retrieval Run you can back to life.

I haven't actually play tested that thought yet though. I think it might provide some savings even, in a best case scenario (eg. Prepaid VoicePAD) you could be paying peanuts for your rig.

16 Mar 2015 Snake Eyes

Double barriers almost never causes any issues. Knifed helps solve that problem quickly.

Otherwise, depending what exactly the ICE is, you can just pay with Eatereater to get through. The only annoying double ICE server that exists is honestly Wraparounds, which Knifed and D4v1d will help you through. (98% of decks that have 2 or more Wraparoundso are NBN, which will typically only have Tollbooth as their only 5 and over strength piece of ICE.. so D4v1d counters can be used more liberally in that match up - vs say Blue Sun: Powering the Future or just Weyland in general... where you'd definitely want to preserve some of those counters.

21 Mar 2015 Flekk

Props to you man, this deck is amazing. I modified my similar Quetzal deck, so it became more similar to yours, and made few adjustments here and there to be able to cope with the local meta. I took it to a tournament, and I ran a clinic on everyone with it. I went undefeated, and all matches were in dominating fashion. I salute you!

18 Apr 2015 FetidCrow


1 May 2015 Butters

What do you do if they Crimson grid R&D?

1 May 2015 Snake Eyes

Several have tried.

None have succeeded. (ok maybe one did out of maybe 150ish games)

Solutions to that:

  • Destroy all of the ICE leading up to RnD using Cutlery.
  • Focus on HQ. Siphon non stop. Wanton Destruction.
  • Mill via DLR
  • Singularity run Remotes.

Keep in mind that you'll have Quetzal's ability, Mimic, and D4v1d available that will allow you to access, letting you trash it.

Honestly someone getting lucky having money while running a Psychographics and Closed Accounts has a way better utility than Crisium Grid here. Crisium is definitely a smart card to play that should be in more Corp decks than it is now though. (All my decks lately run 2x Crisum)