Argus Meat Market

CodeMarvelous 19829

Here is my Argus Punish Runs deck.

Here is my break down of the deck on the ANRBlackhats Youtube.

so the idea of this deck is a hybrid PE style shell game and a standard Weyland rush that seriously punishes multiple runs and multiple accesses in the form of a tag/meat damage tax.

I am calling this thousand bullets, you need a good poker face to pilot this thing but if you do it right it puts a lot of restrictions on the runners behavior and goads them into making a mistake that either costs them something good out of their hand, gives you a scoring window, or lets you flatline them.

My only regret is that I have no room for housekeeping.

  • Codemarvelous

2 Mar 2015 Dydra

I like it ... simple, sleek and consistent :) thumbs up from me

3 Mar 2015 Letsaros

I tried making one with the same logic behind it. Many 1 pointers and having the runner try and take them. It looked very similar to this one except i didn't run DRT (wanted to try at some point but never had the chance to seriously playtest it without them first) and i also tried to Use the Board so actually not only tax the runner while he tries to get them but also delete their value with The Board. Problem was i didn't have enough chances to use The Board effectivelly due to it costing 2 agenda points if trashed.

PS: I personally run 2x False Lead. It helps sometimes when the runner gets unpredictable tags to not let him clean them and score a flatline on the corp's turn.

3 Mar 2015 Letsaros

PS2: Great deck ++++. (couldn't edit my original post.) PS3: Guys watch the youtube video in the description. It is very explanatory. Thumbs up mate.

3 Mar 2015 moistloaf

seems rare that you'll have ice to rush out agendas behind. while your opponent might assume you are running traps like overwriter and junebug, after they see you score agendas out of naked remotes they will probably start running them and the best you can do is hope to get 2 or 4 meat damage out of 1/2 DRT assuming they take the tag when they steal.

3 Mar 2015 Dydra


As a long time PE player, I can tell 15 ICE is more than enough for these types of decks. If your opponent knows every card in your deck (like assuming he saw your decklist) what you are saying is quite a valid case.

Imo, what's great about this deck is if you make them run in a naked remote with a Snare! in it and then 1-2 DRT ... that feels like a 90% kill to me. 4 net, 4 meat , tag ... scorches and whatnot the turn after ... so might be risky for them to run so easily naked remotes.

4 Mar 2015 Saan

Looks like the agendas are wrong compaired to what you showed in the video. the video shows -1 The Cleaners +1 High-Risk Investment. Was this a change, or just a mistake?

4 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

I changed to two cleaners when I took out sea source

4 Mar 2015 Badeesh

Was wondering about the Sea Source. Are you tagging reliably? Sorry can't watch vid, at work :$

4 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

I am tagging very reliably, in a recent tournament I flatlined every round with the deck.

4 Mar 2015 DarlingSensei

Any thought to a False Lead? It seems like a scored false lead would be utterly terrifying in this deck. Run 1-2 into a trap or even an agenda and have maybe one click to recover. Run 3-4 against THIS deck? You're crazy.

4 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

I might cut the cronos for two false leads.

4 Mar 2015 Blindman

I ran a deck like this in my store championship and threw in 2 Hive in place of 1 of each of the other two walls. I proved good since we have many guys running Quetzal and they can just run right through the walls.

4 Mar 2015 Blindman

I also ran 1 Vulcan and 1 chronos in case they were ever down to one card and I could score it to hit the flatline

4 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

how did you do?

4 Mar 2015 Blindman

I went 5-1 with the corp deck... I only lost to Noise complete deck mill... The Hive was the thing that stoped Quetzal long enough to get he kill from a double punitive and the Vulcan was what got me two games - one of them I had to scorch/punitive to get through a plascrete and their hand and then finish scoring the Vulcan to flatline.

4 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

argus man, its rough. you were running punitive so I figure you were running big agendas. Do you have a list somewhere?

4 Mar 2015 Blindman

Yeah... just posted it...

4 Mar 2015 Sillyham

Ran this yesterday at a casual meetup, but swapped out one of the data ravens and beanstalk for two Project Junebug just to keep the the runner second guessing the IAA on The Cleaners. I'm considering taking both of those out for Cerebral Overwriter just to make the flatline easier. Or maybe work in a Fenris. But it went well, two flatlines and one loss.

6 Mar 2015 king_mob

Really like this, gonna give it a whirl!

7 Mar 2015 TheTick do you keep the runner from just trashing the dedicated response teams? You might catch them out once, but unless you flatline them when you Rez them, they're just going to come and trash them, which takes the teeth out of the deck. Though, as I type this, I suppose while they're busy doing that, they aren't clearing tags or running other servers so it would buy you a turn or two to score out an agenda.

8 Mar 2015 TheTick

I sleeved this up today and gave it a whirl. Unfortunately, my opponent seemed to be playing a deck nearly custom made to defeat this! It was an Ian Stirling deck built around data reversal so it had decoy, crash space, and even scrubber to trash the DRT's. It was a nightmare! Still, I nearly pulled it out. I can see the decks potential, just had a bad match up...

9 Mar 2015 DrunkAlex

I took this deck recently to a tournament (with a few minor tweaks). It went undefeated with all games resulting in flatlines. Awesome deck to play with!

9 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

@weezel That is what I am talking about

9 Mar 2015 DrunkAlex

@CodeMarvelous I wrote up a tournament report if you are interested in a field test

9 Mar 2015 kyletothejones

As soon as I pick up Order and Chaos I will have to give this a try!

16 Mar 2015 Myriad

While I like this deck, I can't help but feel like it is tugging itself in so many directions and just isn't able to compete against tier 1/1.5 play.

1st - Hostile is great! but the bad pub is aweful for sideways play (NEARPAD). After about two gets scored, the PAD campaigns become a trivial tax. Also many competitive Criminal decks and some Anarchs are running Sec Testing. This gets out of hand pretty quickly in my experience, especially if a desperado hits the table.

2nd - 13 Agendas is a good number, but I HATE cleaners in this build! Getting one scored makes a game a lot easier, but it also be a nightmare to score.

3rd - DRT + Snare + Data Raven is pretty much the deck... and it costs you so much influence to put it out there that I am curious if it is really even viable. It adds some great teeth to argus, but this deck is very high variance.

4th -Built slightly differently, the beanstalk could be diversified. Its a pity that Weyland doesn't really have the assets to enable this kind of play yet.

Its a fun tier 2 deck and kudos for the design. I just feel like it either needs to focus on NEARPAD or focus on single server tower to be more effective. Going in between really sacrifices its ability to score out reliably (I have found). As is right now, its an odd supermodernism that also tried to play sideways.

14 Apr 2015 Alturis

I'm curious as to how you feel about the economy in this deck? It seems very light all things considered. Is there anything you would trade to give the economy a boost?