Beginners Takeover - Linköping Store Champ, 4th Place

tradet 235

I took this deck to my first ever store championship and it went 3-2 with all victories being flatlines, earning me a top 4 finish in a field of 12 players. I've had limited testing and mostly just theory crafting. Based on the very popular blue sun kill deck, with some modifications.

The first modification was to go down to 2 Scorched Earth, as I only have 1 core set, 3 would obviously be better. I only ran 1 SEA Source, and opting for Adonis Campaign for more economy and Janus 1.0 for some heavy hitting ice.

I like the idea to bounce a lot of ice as blue sun as runners often just assume you're replacing the same ice, but if you bounce and replace with Janus 1.0 the runner could be in for some hurt. I tried it twice but unfortunately the runner didn't bite.

I experimented with having 7 agendas, with NAPD Contract being a bit harder to steal and making the deck a bit better at glacier, but I opted for Priority Requisition for the 3 points and extra punitive damage.

Snare! is there for a surprise in R&D and HQ and can also work to fake a run on a remote. The combo with Janus 1.0 protecting the Snare! is also a potential killer as the runner might want to spend click to prevent brain damage, and then run into Snare! and without any clicks to clear tags.

Wormhole is there as a bigger code gate instead of Tollbooth due to influence reasons. The potential combo with Janus 1.0 or Taurus is good, but unfortunately it's a bit too cute. As I bounce cards a lot Wormhole is often just an empty card and I often didn't want to play it. Tollbooth might do more work here.

Fire Wall over Hive and Bastion over Ice Wall for more late game tax.

Daily Business Show was a change I made the day before, and while the card is good I often wanted the mighty Jackson Howard instead. It's also anti-synergistic with the glacier play style and it often just triggers once and the runner trashes it. The idea was to faster cycle through the deck for the punitives/scorched/takeover, but it's a role jackson might fill better.

Crisium Grid is there for eater hate and Housekeeping for some all-round hate.