The Government Takeover Variant - Myriad Games, NH, 1st Plac

lunaticcalm 14

Store Champs winner at Myriad Games, Manchester NH 2/22/15 (16 players)

This deck is derived from frost-duty's fearsome 'The Government Takeover' deck.

I made several changes to slot in a couple of anti-meta choices. Mills to stop Valencia (though I never faced her all day, I was able to use Mills to trash some Crash Spaces), Cyberdex to slow down viruses (which was critical to one win), Crisium against the ever-present Keyhole Eater, and Rainbow to absorb the blows from the cutlery events.

One notable event from the day was killing the runner through Plascrete by dealing 14 meat damage via 2 Punitive Counterstrikes after the runner scored Government Takeover while I had The Cleaners scored. I also fed the Takeover to an Iain deck to shut off his ability for the whole game and then use double punitive to clear out both crash spaces (which were critical to his masanori-DLR milling strategy).

This deck went 5-1, winning against Leela twice, Iain DLR mill, and Quetzal twice. Its only loss was to the Iain DLR mill in swiss. Having seen how that deck functioned I was better prepared for it after the cut.