1st Place Quinns' Tourney - Govt Takeover version martin!

bionicsheep 1364

This is essentially just a slightly rejigged version of this really excellent deck, so I won't take away from the excellent writeup frost-duty did by goofing around on my own: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/15621/the-government-takeover-leisure-games-london-2nd-place

In five rounds of swiss I only dropped one game (as corp), all flatlines. The loss was to a Chaos Theory after I scored two Cleaners, had three punitive in hand + a ton of money so I was basically waiting for them to score anything so I could take the kill. They managed to R&D interface out Govt Takeover + Cleaners in one turn for the win. Solid play!

The best win, overall, was game five. As runner, I had top-decked a Government Takeover off R&D to win against Titan FA on 6pts with an Atlas token and a Hostile Takeover still in deck, which led to both me and my opponent busting out laughing. I then switched to corp with them playing Whizzard and drew Curtain Wall & Oversight opening hand, which I threw on R&D. They Sure Gambled, Special Ordered a D4v1d, installed it, ran & killed the Curtain Wall and accessed . . . my Government Takeover. I promptly shit myself. having no punishment in hand, & took my mandatory draw.

Punitive. Hecking. Counterstrike.

This deck is beautiful.

I've got to double down on frost-duty's comments from before, despite the one loss; the Government Takeover definitely makes the deck stronger, despite the obvious fear it inspires when you draw it before you're ready. The various kill combos sit comfortably in hand with Research Station - a card which is actually made stronger by the fact that players assume it's crap and don't trash it - and the ability to kill reliably through I've Had Worse is really useful.

Most important thing with this deck, tho, is to look cute as hell. Please enjoy this truly excellent selfie of me as an anarch in honour of Order & Chaos for the theme of the tournament: http://i.imgur.com/8iOQFWi.jpg

22 Feb 2015 esutter479

I love Gov't. Takeover! I met up with a Blue Sun earlier today that was running with it (5 5/3s and GT). I was playing Silhouette. He doesn't ICE R&D up (or HQ for that matter) cuz he installed a Jackson turn 1 and used it to draw twice. I Gambled, and then hit a Maker's Eye and took his Takeover and a Cleaners...it was pure hilarity!

He got me back though with his Noise-mill "almost never run" deck. He milled two Jacksons and by the time I could draw into the 3rd and grab my agendas back, he already had a Medium on the board with 4 tokens on it and just snagged 12 pts. from top decking, heh. The tourney was fun though, and having alt art Chaos Theory made the trip worth it! :)

22 Feb 2015 bionicsheep

@esutter479 Government Takeover is so much fun to play with! It's such a perfect Weyland card, in that it's a super high-stakes gamble that can either win you the game immediately or, equally, utterly screw you over. I sort of think Weyland are a little bit like Anarch in that way - built a certain way, they force a total tightrope walk between trying to appear entirely in control and ready to scorch at all times and utterly terrified of the runner doing that one thing which kills your deck or shuts down your big play.

Weyland will always be my one tru corp. <3

22 Feb 2015 Inox

nice deck, I'm trying it with this ice set up:

x Curtain Wall 2x Hadrian's Wall 2x Hive Code Gate Code Gate (3)

2x Datapike 1x Tollbooth •• Sentry Sentry (5)

3x Caduceus 2x Taurus Multi Multi (1)

1x Orion

qhat do you think about?

23 Feb 2015 johnnycreations

D4v1d can't be tutored by Special Order, so that guy was totally cheating in the game you mention! :P

23 Feb 2015 bionicsheep

@Inox I like the sound of Orion, assuming you never advance it. More high-cost, high-tax ice is always useful for OAI econ. I'm not such a fan of Hive, since I fairly regularly scored a Cleaners / HRI, making it less realiably taxing than some of the similarly-costed ice in the deck? I'm also not a huge fan of Caduceus in a meta where Mimic is seeing a lot of play, although it's definitely tempting econ-wise if you can reliably land it against someone. Give it a shot and let me know!

@johnnycreations Oh gosh, I didn't realise at the time but you're totally right! It actually worked out for the best for me of course, haha, but I need to keep that in mind in future.

23 Feb 2015 Inox

@bionicsheep ty for answer. Ok for Cadeceus! I will try Firewall but Hive too in future cuz I think they are really strong early game and they can totally help the first agenda score. imho. On paper. If you score a 5/3 it remains alwasy a 3str with 2x etr. fire wall is good too, more stronge late game sicne we can advance it but early game imho it less powerful and this BlueSun is a "fast" deck, don' you?

I try 3x of datapike cuz with yog out of meta they are rly strong and bad to take in the face when face checking early game and high taxing. And they are another etr no- barrier (so you spread your ice types)

Do you think , replacing station with crisium grid is a bad choice? with these new MaxX around and Keyholes...I'm a bit afraid.