Reina Ice Hater/Eater - Based on Anatomy of Anarchy

Vaos 67

This deck is basically a new try for a variant on the "Anatomy of Anarchy" archetype that started last summer, combined with even more ICE hate.

Eater seems a better fit than Overmind to land Account Siphons (less setup, only need one install for the whole game), and with the new Cutlery events it will be tough for the corp to rez anything and just lose them afterwards.

Retrieval Run runs well with Eater and Inject to help speeds things up. Only A Femme and 2 Knights are present to enable "real" accesses, but it's mostly so you can force unwanted ICE rez from the Corp.

The win condition like the Anatomy of Anarchy deck is to disrupt the corp's economy enough as to be able to Deep Dig their unprotected R&D with Medium. Keyhole could be another choice here, especially with Eater, but memory might be tight.

Economy might be an issue, but the use of Inject, I've Had Worse helps with starting the Account Siphon chain in the early game. Also we're finally able to get rid of these expansive and often useless Plascrete Carapace with I've Had Worse!

Datasucker as always helps performing quick ICE destruction via Parasite, and no real need for Clone Chip as Eater should protect you against nasty subroutines. The discount on running to destroy their ICE is also significant if you hammered their centrals before-hand.

Deep Red seems to be the console of choice here with Rooks and Knights.

Blue Sun is a hard matchup here, but a clever usage of Rooks while running early as to have time to move them will make returning an ICE into their hand not really worth it.

Hard to trash assets (SanSan City Grid, Marked Account, Business Show...) are probably going to be an issue. Switching the ID to Whizzard is one potential solution.

Also you probably want to win quick as this deck won't be sustainable when you run out of all your recursion !

5 Mar 2015 Vaos

There's a possible change to be made to the deck after a few plays :

-1 Account Siphon

-1 Same Old Thing

+2 Planned Assault

Same Old Thing is not as useful early game, and the Planned Assault let you fetch both the Account Siphon and the Cutlery events in the deck at the right time.