Lynch Mob

Veste 424

Alright, so this deck is fun to play, and it moves quicker than you'd think, I very often get through my entire deck before the end of the game against non-kill decks. Take into account that I have play tested this against mostly NEH Fastrobiotics, RP Tax, and CI one turn combo. What I have noticed is that the economy is super strong, which allows the deck to make several runs against RP and CI. Utopia shard is an all-star against all the decks, but I had several games where Utopia shard trashed key combo cards for CI.

I am going to blame some of my losses on my opponents knowing my deck very well. They were much quicker to ICE archives than a lot of random games I have played.

The real MVP of the deck is Inject, and never be afraid to SOT Inject, especially if you have Retrieval Run already in hand. I have had several Turn 1 or Turn 2 Inject/Retrieval Run combos to get Morning Star/Yog/Torch out fast. Mimic is usually an install from hand, or a Deja Vu/install combo. I have had several games where I needed to install MS/Yog/Torch after a QT because of end the run/taxing ICE on archives. The great thing is the economy of this deck seems to be strong enough to support this if necessary, it has never killed me to spend the 5-9 credits.

Why so few viruses? Honestly the MU is rough, mostly because of Morning Star. The thing is all this deck really needs is the multi-access and the Datasucker support for Mimic/Morning Star. Inject makes the recursion of the viruses you need very easy. Sometimes it requires installing the Medium over the Nerve Agents, but if you need to assault one or the other you have the option, look for your openings. Your breakers make runs so dirt cheap that you can just pick and chose which central you're going to abuse. I have played around with variations of Djinn, Hemmorhage, Imp, Parasites, Demo Runs with Medium/Nerve agent, and this combo just seems to have been the most consistent for my play.

Going into O&C/SanSan Cycle I look forward to throwing in Steel Skin, allowing more influence for either Clone Chips or another Torch and just ditching Yog.0. The availability of Clone Chips might convince me to run parasites again in this deck. Obviously Clot in SanSan will help against fast advance decks, and I even messed around with The Source in this deck, but it never seemed to make enough of a difference. Also deck space is tight, so choosing what to cut is rough, and caused inconsistency.

Anyways, thoughts and insight are welcome; all I can say in conclusion is that I have enjoyed playing this deck enough that I thought I'd share.

23 Jan 2015 unitled

Oh my word, this deck looks like amazing fun! I've been looking for a reason to unsleeve Whizzard again. Retrieval Run is a card I've been meaning to test for ages, it often completely blindsides the corp (or me as corp, anyway!). Torch is just such a crazy splash, though, I'm afraid discarding it will highlight to everyone what I'm about to do!

Regardless I'm going to sleeve this up tonight and give it some table time next week.

Oh, and Utopia Shard I think is probably my favourite of the Shards. It's a card that really needs to be respected. Unlike the other two Shards, it's always going to at least mildly inconvenience the corp, and can be used to help you steal extra agendas or hit Combo pieces from hand (at a tournament last week, the Foundry had searched up a Janus 1.0 and I saw an Oversight AI on RnD... I popped my Utopia shard to try and hit one of the other!).

23 Jan 2015 PaxCecilia

Honestly this deck looks like it could work with any Anarch ID aside from Noise (retrieval run and lack of viruses). I'd definitely recommend giving this style a go with Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter, Quetzal: Free Spirit, and Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer when he is released!

23 Jan 2015 Vorpalgens

The deck is very flexible true... But Whizzard's ability makes it better against Astrobiotic & RP Glacier IMO

24 Jan 2015 locusshifter

Wow. This looks fun. Have you considered Edward Kim as an alternative once he's released?

24 Jan 2015 Veste

@unitled: Yes! Utopia Shard has proven to be quite good, I can't think of a better way to spend that point of influence currently. The best part about Inject is that you don't even have to purposefully discard your breakers. I have only overdrawn/Quality Time turn 3 or 4 a few times and then discarded breakers. Inject and Retrieval Run same turn is the real combo early.

@PaxCecilia: Initially when working on this I couldn't decide between Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter and Whizzard: Master Gamer. I have always been a big fan of Reina myself, and while the link is great, and the tax each turn that they rez ICE is great, because of the overwhelming popularity of asset based card draw/economy it just seems like Whizzard has the upper hand currently. That being said, I think Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer will definitely have his place.

@locusshifter: Definitely considered! I think with Weyland coming back into the spotlight the operation combos will be on the rise, and having the ability to eliminate those pieces from hand or R&D will be huge. The link for traces doesn't hurt either! If you can keep trashing their draw and econ assets, Ed might even be slightly better than Whizzard against NEH Fastrobiotics BS with the ability to dump those Fast Track/Shipment from SanSan/Biotic Labor cards, as well as their burst economy.

24 Jan 2015 dpolishsensation

Kudos to anyone that making a winning Anarch deck without account siphons!

24 Jan 2015 Circadia

I totally get how this deck would be a major headache for anyone relying on asset economy, like NEH and RP. But I feel like deck is pretty hard countered by Blue Sun. It has no answers to an early OAI->Curtain Wall, since you need to have built up 5 suckers and installed your Morning Star to deal with that. And every run through a hard-rezzed Curtain Wall is going to require several turns to rebuild. Femme is a one-shot answer which is quickly responded to by Blue Sun's ability, with Retrieval Run as the only way of getting the Femme back online (and that's a lot harder to achieve than it is for Blue Sun to switch it off again.) I think D4v1d is required somewhere in this deck as if you can kill that first Curtain Wall, your rig will walk over the rest of their ice.

24 Jan 2015 Veste

@Circadia: Completely agree, Blue Sun is probably the worst matchup for this deck currently. I've been considering using a Corroder for one Morning Star or dumping one copy of Medium/SoT. I really like D4v1d as a breaker, but especially against Blue Sun you are going to need to be recurring it a lot, which makes having the influence for Clone Chip look really good.

24 Jan 2015 Kroen

Any thoughts about running this deck with Quetzal? Maybe dropping 2xQuality Time for an e3? Quetzal ability+e3 means you can walk all over Curtain Walls and other barriers (not to mention Bioroids).

24 Jan 2015 unitled

@Kroen That's a really good point, Curtain Wall and Hadrian's Wall are two bits of ice this deck just doesn't have an answer for at the moment, aside from a whole heap of Datasucker tokens. And they are two bits of ice that are dirt cheap to get through as Quetzal with E3!

It's a shame, as Whizzard is undeniably strong against NEH and horizontal asset economy.

24 Jan 2015 Kroen

Imp? Granted, MU's a problem. Q-Coherence Chip maybe? no Parasites or Caissas means it's pretty safe.

24 Jan 2015 Kroen

Here's a revised decklist I made just now:

24 Jan 2015 unitled

As far as I can tell, Q Coherence Chip doesn't work with Inject, so it would be trashed straight away.

Your list does look good though @kroen, I'm definitely going to give them both a try.

25 Jan 2015 Veste

@Kroen: I like it! I just worry about only 2 e3 Feedback Implants for consistency, because you really need to have two installed to make those Curtain Walls easy to break, and you need to have them out quickly. Losing some card draw dumping the QTs might hurt that ability. What makes the Inject/QT so good is the speed, but maybe I'm wrong! I do think Blue Sun is a problem, and maybe Quetzal: Free Spirit is the answer :-)

25 Jan 2015 PaxCecilia

You never need more than one e3 installed. Breaking a subroutine with e3 triggers itself.

25 Jan 2015 Veste

Good point, sorry it's late. I think @Kroen is on the right track.

25 Jan 2015 Veste

Okay, here is my new version:

Requires O&C but that is next week.

26 Jan 2015 weepinggorilla

This deck name is pretty tasteless...

26 Jan 2015 Veste

@weepinggorilla: I'm sorry you feel that way.