Killing Time v1.0

Jashay 705

A highly taxing Stronger Together deck that I've been working on. The basic idea is that the bioroids cost far more for the runner to get through than they do for me to rez;

  • Over half the ICE costs 4 or less to rez.
  • Over half the ICE has a strength of 5 or higher.
  • No piece of ICE has less than 2 subroutines.

Additionally, of the 12 pieces of ICE that end the run, 10 of them do something else first, forcing the runner to either spend credits or clicks when encountering the ICE. Apart from Eli, (and Inazuma, I suppose), every piece of ICE will do something if it is behind an Inazuma.

So the game here is to make the runner spend large amounts of or . To help the ICE along, we have ELP, which often leaves the runners less s to work with.

Heinlein Grid is great for putting runners in a catch-22... for example, if they approach an unrezzed Ichi 1.0 with, say, Garotte. They now have the options of spending 6, losing all their credits, or losing two programs and possibly getting a BD and a tag. The situation gets much worse if they are using a less efficient Sentry breaker, and whilst Faerie and Femme's special are more efficient, they are also temporary or single target.

As the icing on the running tax, I put in two Caprice Nisei. Normally I would run Ash, but I put the deck together in a hurry and had 8 spare inf. It worked incredibly well, so I've simply left it for the moment.

How to play

Despite how taxing bioroids are, an ETR bioroid is still porous; the runner can get through if they really want to. Double-stack ICE for the centrals at least. Even the two cheapest bioroids (Viktor 1.0 and Eli 1.0) will make for an expensive server that cannot be entirely clicked through.

Because of the porosity, it can be risky to play the EL early. Sure, it will slow them down, but it is also the time you are most vulnerable to Legwork/Maker's Eye, which are not affected by ELP. This can be partially countered by Heinlein and Caprice, who work very well to shore up servers in the early game. they are also, conveniently, good at sealing up servers in the late game.

e3 implants are your bane, but ELP really helps, and Heinlein laughs at it. In such cases, it's worth going three deep on a server. Technically Markus can nail them, but I won't lie, it's unlikely.

The Future?

Some other things that I've tried have included Bioroid Efficiency Research, Strongbox, and Ruhr Valley, which I found respectively to be inefficient (not really enough great targets, and you often having to hard-rez them eventually anyway), too fragile and... pretty great, actually. Perhaps a little pricey, but when ELP is up too it really hammers home the credit advantage when they basically can't click through things.

Economy-wise, I feel it's lacking something. I often find myself clicking for credits more often than I would prefer. I'm considering replacing the Eve Campaigns with Private Contracts to allow for faster money generation if needed.

Whilst Caprice is fantastic, I am on the lookout for other options for the influence. I feel her role could be served by Ash if needed, which frees up a lot of influence. Perhaps some better economic options will present themselves.

Alternatively, I might shake up the ICE slightly. I strongly considered importing Data Raven; even though I don't have a particular way of punishing tags, decks running resources will hate them whilst potentially lacking the time to do much about them. I think Taurus and Swordsman might also have promise.

One I am especially interested in once Order and Chaos drops is Wormhole, as there is a lot of brain damage and destruction floating around, and getting the powerful subroutines on a STR 7 unclickable package seems enticing.

4 Jan 2015 konradh

I tried something very similar recently and came to similar conclusion: big and expensive bioroids are not worth spending cards on Bioroid Efficiency Research. But! Experiential Data works nicely, at least in my playgroup which is kinda dominated with those pesky Yogosaures.

The next time Ill make this deck Ill ditch Janus/Wotan/Heimdall 2.0 and put some cheap ETR Ice to make it less pourus in the early game.

4 Jan 2015 Jashay

@konradh I like to keep a 1-of for each of the bigger ICE, just in case I am in a position to risk ABT, or there's an impending Priority Requisition. In particular, I am a fan of Heimdall 2.0; whilst it's very expensive, you will occasionally find yourself with 11, whereupon it it really good at stabbing people in the brain. It's less vulnerable to E3 because of the double click, whereas Janus 1.0 is weaker to that trick, and can be simply beaten by a Faerie. People just bounce off Wotan if you can get it rezzed; I prefer to punish the runner a bit.

Of course, if you aren't running ABT, Pri Req, or BioEfficiency, you might as well cut them.

Experiential Data sounds interesting. I considered a Lag Time to suddenly throw people's maths and Atmans off... Data is more limited but more surprising

5 Jan 2015 hi_impact

People love to backseat deckbuild (like myself) on decks like this, but I would still like to give a legitimate suggestion for more burst econ: Successful Demonstration?

This deck clearly ends the run pretty often, if its not Runner jacking out after hitting Eli, or getting facepalmed with Heinlein, or losing to Caprice.

I played a Stronger Together deck for a while when Heinlein was released, and I found myself able to play Successful Demonstration at least every other turn. An Adonis behind a Viktor 1.0 or Eli 1.0 was enough to protect it, and they never bothered if I was playing aggressively enough with agendas.

5 Jan 2015 Jashay

@scourged I've got no issue with backseat builders (nice phrase!), especially if they come up with excellent suggestions like Successful Demonstration. That's a really solid call, I think, as even if I wipe myself out rezzing ICE I can simply SD, and then I can rez any bit of ICE bar the big guns. And yes, you get a lot of abortive runs against this deck.

I've never got on with Successful Demonstration previously, but I think that's because my last HB deck was a NEXT deck with loads of tiny ETR ICE. SD was great early game when I barely needed it, and useless late game because my servers were geared towards equipment checks, not taxing runners.

But yeah, I'm going to give that a spin tomorrow! Thanks!

7 Jan 2015 Four_Leaf

I recently posted an ST deck of mine that has a lot of insight about what I like about it and I play it a bit different than you. I think I have a sound economy package as well if you're curious. High five for playing ST.