Retired Researcher v1.0

Jashay 705

This is unashamedly based upon Erik_Twice's deck;

His theory was that Stirling ran a R&D lock deck pretty efficiently, and he designed a deck that used several bits of drip economy and RDIs and so on.

I gave it a shot, and I really enjoyed the way it ran, particularly with regards to the economy. It may have been slightly slower than other options, but it didn't take any time, leaving me more clicks to use setting up and running.

I did not, however, like the single copy of each icebreaker. For example, when I played against NEH yesterday I lost solely on the fact that I could not get the Gordian out. It was, in many ways, a terrible game; I didn't see Logos, any interface, Legwork, Sneakdoor, Mr Li, or the Supplier... You know, all the things that help the deck run properly. Despite that I managed 6 points before losing, thanks to Running Interference and Inside Job. Glorious.

Anyway, I have tweaked the basic deck; I took out the Tri-maf Contacts and replaced them with Armitage Codebusting, and then replaced the Calling in Favors with Easy Mark. I find TMC a bit risky sometimes, but mostly I did this because Armitage is cheaper and faster. With 2 less Connections, it didn't seem worth keeping Calling in Favours.

I took out the Crescentus and Crypsis and added in an additional Fracter, Decoder, and Killer. I changed the Gordian Blade for Peacock to save influence, and dropped the Feedback Filter for the same reason. (Also, Faerie can take most of the punch out of Net Damage decks.) With that influence I paid for the second Corroder and added an extra RDI.

Finally, I dropped a Legwork for a second HQI. I felt this worked better with Sneakdoor.

The overall plan remains the same as the original deck; get recurring credits, and then pile on the pressure. Early pressure can cheerfully be applied using the three Faerie and Inside Job, and if this is not successful, Iain's 2 per turn when behind accelerates the setup of the mid-late game beautifully, particularly in conjunction with The Supplier.

An alternative to this deck that I am considering is predominantly the same, but runs Dyson Mem Chip instead of AtG and then two Medium instead of three RDI. It seems like it would be a little more ferocious, but I'm concerned that everything hinges on the Mem Chips.

In both this deck and the hypothetical version I am looking for an alternative to Garrote... It's great, but that is pretty brutal, particularly if I'm looking to use the multi-access viruses.

Once Order and Chaos drops, I'm going to change the AtG to DMC and run Data Folding. Not sure what to replace yet, but it probably won't be Underworld Contact. The potential to get even more drip economy is just too good to pass up.