Hayley's Pet Chameleon (And its siblings) v2

LynxMegaCorp 1336

I'm very excited about Hayley. A Shaper who could essentially gain clicks was always something I wondered about - and wonder no more! I'm sure this is far from the best of builds for her, but I love Chameleon and want to make the next best thing with it.

Spoiler if you haven't seen it: http://imgur.com/t6yvUaT

(Please replace 'Creeper' with 'Chameleon'.)

--- The Game Plan ---

1) Utilize the flexibility and strength (literally) of Chameleon to snipe down servers. 2) Support Chameleon usage several ways:

  • Hayley's ability, which lets you bring out two at once.
  • LLDS Processor, giving Chameleon +1 Strength (Total 4) every time you install it.
  • Sahasrara, which provides a free Chameleon each every turn.
  • Omni-Drive, which allows you to run Sahasrara and Parasites if needed and nets a free credit each turn for subroutine breaking.

3) Make use of the Shards to net you a free Resource install when used. 4) Parasite key ice of a certain type to maximize Chameleon usage. If you know Barriers are troubling, Parasite them away. 5) Box-E allows us to hold onto Chameleons in our grip and other cards and maximize our free install options. It also makes sure we have a full rig if we can't find our Omni-Drives. 6) Because our MU becomes available at the end of each turn, Data Folding fits in quite perfectly!

  • I think the other cards are pretty self-explanatory. Donut takes advantage of our lack of Events. :D

--- Other Ideas ---

  • I considered Autoscripter + Savoire-faire for a triple Chameleon install each turn, but the Influence would be harder to work with and it would demand steadier income (2 extra credits per turn).
  • Dinosaurus would turn a Chameleon into a beast each turn (5 Strength without LLDS), and is definitely an option I'm willing to consider, since our breakers are fixed.
  • Single-type deck with Oracle May? But that's for another show.

--- Conclusion ---

I can't play test this yet so I can't speak from experience. But it sounds fun at the very least and quite viable against any Corp not packing big Ice. Comments and suggestions are appreciated!

22 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Beautiful ideas! I can't wait to hear how some games play...

22 Dec 2014 BaronZilar

I will probably get blasted for it, but I have always been a fan of the LLDS Processor.

23 Dec 2014 Shishu

I really like how versatile this deck is, despite the limited breaker suite. You don't even have to worry about Swordsman.

A one-off of D4v1d instead of HQ Interface might plug some holes in terms of particularly difficult ice (Archer, Curtain Wall, and Wraparound will be difficult to deal with). You could also fit in Crescentus for that spare influence.

23 Dec 2014 saltytacopanda

I like the framework with Creeper, Sahasrara and LLDS Processor. But I think this deck relies too much on drip economy. Any corp which isn't packing big ice would've finished scoring before you get your economy and board going.

23 Dec 2014 saltytacopanda

*Chameleon :p

23 Dec 2014 moistloaf

I like Dinosaurus more than #Datasucker. It also frees up influence. I personally wouldn't go all-in on the drip route, like @saltytacopanda mentioned. Cutting suckers and Donut Taganes would free up 5 influence; I would then replace HQI with 2 Legwork. That still leaves you with 5 influence, plus your 1 floating, for 3 Lucky Find. It's still a great card without PPVP, and Hayley can recover the tempo more easily since she can Lucky Find, install 2 Chameleons, and run last click. I wanted to build a Hayley Chameleon deck as soon as she was spoiled, and I think I'll use this as my starting point.

23 Dec 2014 moistloaf

I just realized that you'd also save 2 Influence if trading Box-E for Dino. Not sure if Omni-Drive are worth the slots but it requires testing.

24 Dec 2014 LynxMegaCorp

You don't think the Donut synergy with no events is worth it? And I suppose Dino instead does free influence, let me deal with large ice and since Chameleon avoids hand size limit, Box-E is not necessary.

Omni-Drive would only be beneficial during long games, so that can be replaced. I'd like to stay non-event if I can for this deck, too.

Maybe I could use multi-access Virus? Could toss in Cyberfeeders if I go that route... So many options!