Wild Bird v1.fun

Quinns 1913

My current tournament deck's a fairly straightforward Prepaid Tenma. This is my attempt to make him more fun to pilot & surprising to play against at the next tournament, without making him worse.

8 Dec 2014 esutter479

Not sure what your modus operandum is for those various Shards, but if I were you, I'd replace them and just add a Levy. This will make it impossible for A) you to go broke and B) the corp to keep you away. :)

8 Dec 2014 Quinns

I've never actually needed a Levy in this deck. Against Personal Evolution it's all careful siphon recursion (and praying), and against anyone else the game's over before you need your deck back.

The Shards are there because they're SO fun. It's like Netrunner judo. Popping a Utopia Shard after Weyland SEA Sources you to make them discard the Scorched Earths? Using a Hades Shard to access the 3/5 agenda they were planning to Jackson back into their deck? Eden Shard is the one to come out, but I want to experiment with it first.

8 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Fun fun fun! Good to see ya on here @Quinns! Xo

8 Dec 2014 Quinns

Hey @SlySquid. Glad to be here, man. Big fan!

9 Dec 2014 SlySquid

As am I brother!

9 Dec 2014 Lord_Reynardine

The recently spoiled console Comet is going to sidle up to Ken, put it's arm round him and give him a knowing wink, before silently leaving with him, while desperado weeps in the corner.

I'll give this deck a spin, I've not played a Ken deck yet...

10 Dec 2014 kollapse

I'm somewhat turned off by the "only one Fracter" thing, proponent of mass-Power Shutdown as I am, but the deck looks like it could be crazy fun. Love the Shard's as well, even if at least Eden probably is subpar in this deck.

10 Dec 2014 Quinns

Yeah. Power Shutdown or Will-o'-the-Wisp has you installing Crypsis, which nobody wants. Not even Crypsis.

I expect taking out Eden Shard and a Stimhack and putting in a Clone Chip might be sensible? Good for Faerie recursion, too.

11 Dec 2014 chowyunbrent

Do you ever encounter memory problems with this deck? Seems like a lot of programs...