Weyland Tag 'n Bag

Rykr 1

I don't Corp as often as I Run, so this deck is fairly derivative of Supermoderism. Its main goal is to flatline the Runner, hence the SEA Sources, Scorched Earth and Snares! It is possible to move into a glacier mode if the Runner is dodging tags, though I haven't had as much luck with that. The econ is solid, what with nine different operations that synergize well with the ID and agendas that give money at the cost of bad publicity.

As for the future, I will probably replace Government Contracts with The Cleaners once I buy that data pack. The Ice suite is also experimental, hence the 1 off Rainbow. I go back and forth on Chimera as well, and I think it could do with some Ice bigger than Archer but I'm hesitant to commit to the expensive stuff. It could also use a PR facelift to tone down all the bad publicity you'll generate, which is somewhat offset by Veterans Program, though I'd like to possibly change Grim out. Once Order and Chaos come out I will probably completely rework this deck. It is not very play tested so please leave any questions, comments, and especially criticism you might have!