Atlas Rushed

Jashay 705

And here we have a very rough-and-ready deck to test a concept.

Since the spoilers for Order and Chaos have been released, there has been significant interest in Argus and Gargarin, but I think I've only seen one decklist so far involving Titan Transnational. This, to me, is mind-boggling. The identity ability is absurd with any agenda that uses agenda counters, as those abilities are usually powerful. It becomes doubly absurd with Mark Yale, who makes a simple Hostile Takeover into 10 credits, and Firmware Updates into 12.

But realistically, I think the main power of this ID is that it allows Weyland Rush decks. If you have a Project Atlas in hand, a SanSan City Grid on the table, and 13 credits, you will win in 4 turns unless the runner trashes SanSan or snipes an Atlas from R&D. If Mark Yale is around, you only need 8 credits. If that isn't mental, I don't know what is.

Turn 1: Rez SanSan, install Atlas, score (8 credits) Turn 2: Use Atlas token for Atlas, install Atlas, score (10 credits) Turn 3: Same as turn 2 (12 credits) Turn 4: Nab a Hostile Takeover, install, score (13 credits)

Whilst this is a combo, it's a pretty solid one; it technically only requires two pieces, as completing the first step can find you the pieces for the second step, and so on. Once the chain gets rolling, it's far more reliable than the AstroTrain with regards to finding the pieces of the puzzle, but it does suffer from a single point of failure; trashing the SanSan will slow you considerably.

So here we are; my super-crude attempt to put together a Titanic Rush deck.


Project Atlas, obviously. These are central to the whole strategy. Score one, search out the next agenda. Hostile Takeover is there as an easy finishing agenda, a quick money boost (10 with Mark Yale), a sacrifice to Archer... fantastic agenda Firmware Updates can either be a great money card with Mark Yale, a slightly more expensive finishing agenda, or a means to switch the type of the morph ICE mid-run. This is particularly crippling with Lycan, where you need two programs to ensure you don't lose a program. Geothermal Fracking can give you 24 credits and 3 BP with Mark Yale, or 9 without BP, or some combination thereof. High-Risk Investment is there to keep the agenda count somewhat manageable. Also hilarious if you can score.


Jackson Howard for card draw and agenda saving. Mark Yale is pretty much obligatory in this ID for oodles of money.


SanSan City Grid is the other crucial element, as without it you'll be unable to install and score your agendas in one turn

Off the Grid is expensive, but a complete pain for the runner. I originally had Ash here, but this deck can rack up BP if it needs to, which makes the traces difficult.


Money money money money. Interns to rescue Off the Gridor SanSan City Grid


I've not put too much thought into this; all the ICE is ETR or destroy programs, which will hopefully force multiple equipment checks from the runner. In theory this will take time that this deck might not give them. Firmware Updates should interact well with the Morph ICE.

I'm guessing that the weakness of the deck is going to be whether you can score the first Atlas or not. I haven't played it yet, but I'm guessing quite a lot hinges on that.

So yeah, Weyland rush! Let's make this work.

28 Nov 2014 Jashay

Oops, bad maths, you'd need 10 credits with Mark Yale.

29 Nov 2014 Empty_World

I might spend 17 inf on 2 Biotic Labor and 3 SanSan City Grid,then laugh at Astrobitotics.

30 Nov 2014 Jashay

@Empty_World: Yes, it's something I've considered. I want to give the deck some table time first though; I very rarely play Weyland, so first things first and all that.

A big advantage with Biotic Labor is that you can score the 3 pointers without SanSan City Grid, and the Geothermal Fracking if you have both.

Downside is the extra cost. Not sure how stable the economy is yet; since a lot of the power is from the agendas, it seems like you need to start winning to keep winning, so I might need some tweaks.

1 Dec 2014 Empty_World

@Jashay I generally don't think weyland needs to worry about econ very much. What makes Project Atlas better than AstroScript Pilot Program is that you can use it to find another one and score it from hand that turn,which is really much stronger than AstroScript Pilot Program. Actually weyland can do something Astrobiotics cannot do:play fast advance and glacier together.When you don't need rush your agenda,just focus on money and big ice,keep that SanSan City Grid alive;when you got money,rez it and advance,or use Biotic Labor.NBN can never play glacier like that. Still I think when 4th cycle comes out fast advance will feel butthurt and NBN might cry to sleep.But anyway,atlastrain is just much insane than NBN.