Anarch All The Way

sniperbag 30

Early aggression Reina deck. Nothing too special. Running Account Siphons with enough recursion for main econ. Armitage as support for the times Siphon isn't too useful or possible. Siphons drain the Corps econ and installing Rook + Reina does a wonderful job for some free access. Running all the great Anarch tricks in the box. I don't have a specified aim, rather just try to put pressure on every server I can and see where I could grab agendas. If everything is completely iced, I aim for a Joshua B + Data Leak Combo. This is a complete tag-me deck. So make sure to have Plascrete up early when expecting a scorched (and keep corps creditpool low or in observation). The go-to breakers here are Knight and Overmind. They can break basically everything together. I had D4v1d in once, but hence Knight is 7 Str and Scrubbed reduces Str by 2 + Datasucker it became redundant to have both. I guess Swordsman is a thing, but just Parasite it. Special thanks to Steven Wooley and his 2014 Colorado Regional - 1st Place Runner Deck for inspiration ( and his anatomy of anarchy post ( which opened my eyes about playing an anarch the right way.

27 Nov 2014 aenimator

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