Nasir, Cyber Vandal 2.0

Jashay 705

Nasir Meidan, ICE wrecker. I would like to thank and for their suggestions and examples.

The idea here is to use PW, Clone Chip and SMC as credit sinks so you don't waste your money, and Datasucker and Parasite to trash ICE. Wyrm is there to strip down the last couple of points of STR.

Economically it's an odd deck, relying on Order of Sol, Personal Workshop, and recurring credits, with ways of making use of Nasir's sudden credit fluxes. This means you can cheerfully run against almost anything unrezzed, as his ability deals with it (particularly if you have an SMC or Clone Chip out), but you will absolutely suck against traces and will be unable to trash things. I have added in Kati and Armitage; despite his delightful mechanic, there are times you just need more money. I've also added in Ghost Runner for the same reason.

The breaker suite has undergone an overhaul. The focus of the deck is now more about smashing the ICE than breaking the subs, but Atman is there to help with things like Lotus Field, Ichi, Eli, etc. Hopefully the new economy cards will allow me to search it out at 4.

I had originally planned to just use the Atmans as the main breakers, but then of course you need Inti for Wraparound... Better get Mimic for Architect... Better put a Deus X and a Sharpshooter in as silver bullets... And at that point I just put in ZU.13 to complete the set!

Paricia is there because this deck is pants at trashing things, and it helps a bit. LARLA is there to keep the destruction rolling. Scrubbed... is an experiment. I think it might be useful. It can save 4 credits on the Wyrm-Parasite kill, and it means that ICE with STR 1-2 can be destroyed without Wyrm or Datasucker tokens. I'm looking at you Komainu and Tsurugi...

I'll try and test this updated version over the weekend, and post some thoughts on Monday.

21 Nov 2014 CJFM

Scrubbed is a cool choice!

21 Nov 2014 Jashay

@CJFM: Had a quick test run, and it really owns face. Wish I could fit a second one in. I only managed to keep it about for 3 turns, but that was enough.

I went and did some maths afterwards: With Scrubbed, the Wyrm + Parasite will kill all but 14ish (Depends on things like IQ and Hadrians) pieces of ICE, most of which (9-10, depending on IQ) are Code Gates. With a Fully loaded Ghost Runner, the only bits of ICEs you can't beat are Cell Portal and Lotus Field. Amazing.

21 Nov 2014 CJFM

@Jashay Glad you like it! Yeah just remember that the math is Wyrm can kill a parasited ICE of (X [rez cost of ICE] x 2) -1! So every sucker token takes 2 off of the amount needed. Scrubbed means the first ICE encountered can be killed for -4! :)