Reina Underworld

spanargoman 84

Deck Intro

The plan of this deck is to be able to R&D lock the Corp by being able to run on R&D every turn through recurring credits. You have Cyberfeeder, Spinal Modem, and Dyson + Underworld Contacts for a maximum of 5 recurring credits and 3 credits a turn.


Mulligan aggressively for The Supplier to keep your deck setup costs low. Get Wyldside set up asap to draw through your deck. Daily Casts discounted by The Supplier will provide you econ for getting your rig up. Host Liberated Account on The Supplier to clear space in your Grip and for the discount, it will be important burst econ for when you need to make a major run. Eden Shard to make Medium runs more efficient; can be installed on the first run after the Corp purges virus counters.

If you need a fourth click that turn for whatever reason, Aesops your Wyldside and (optionally install a spare hosted Wyldside) on The Supplier to have your 4 clicks that turn and an additional 3 (2) credits.


Cyberfeeders for recurring credits for runs, installing viruses and for setting Atman strength. Spinal Modem for more of the same recurring goodness. Dyson Mem Chips to activate Underworld Contacts, provide more MU for your rig, and provide some defence against traces (hereby mitigating the downside of Spinal Modem and providing some tag protection).


Standard Anarch rig in Corroder, Mimic, Yog.0 and D4V1D but with additional Atmans to deal with strength 4 ice (hello Lotus Field) and any big ice. Datasuckers for icebreaking flexibility and Mediums for that R&D pressure. Parasites are always welcome.

Cards being considered:

  1. Inject - For getting the right pieces early to setup more quickly
  2. Clone Chip - Mainly for protection against program destruction, but influence is an issue
  3. Nerve Agent (thanks Pinkwarrior) - Deck space concerns but having the option to pressure HQ with multiaccess is good to have
1 Nov 2014 Pinkwarrior

I built something similar awhile ago using link UWC and Spinal and i like the approach. Personally i would edge my bets and get nerve agent in their you have in faction HQ & R&D multi access id use it. This would also work with your Eden Shard two as you can force the draw to then access the new cards once nerve is built up.

1 Nov 2014 spanargoman

Thanks @Pinkwarrior for the recommendation! I do agree that a Nerve Agent will be useful to have for the option to multiaccess HQ. I'm not sure what I would cut out for it though. I will probably try playing with 46 cards first and see what I can leave out.

3 Nov 2014 moistloaf

I'm a fan of any Reina deck with Underworld Contact. This looks pretty strong, though I am never confident running Spinal Modem. I understand the desire for those recurring credits here, but Caduceus is back in a big way, and I'm not sure if it's worth the risk.

4 Nov 2014 spanargoman

Hi @moistloaf, thanks for your comments. On the issue of Spinal Modem and Caduceus, the biggest mitigating factor for me has been The Supplier. I can host Spinal Modem on The Supplier till I'm ready to install it. That way Spinal Modem does not take up any space in my grip even if I draw it early and I don't bear the unnecessary risk of brain damage by installing in the early game.

Secondly, Dyson Mem Chips cost only 1 credit with The Supplier, so the second and the third Dysons drawn are still installed as the +1MU is always welcome for an Anarch and the link provides some comfort in a deck without Plascrete, NACH and Decoys. One Dyson out means you're only -1 base trace on Caduceus, two means you're +1, and three means Caduceus can pretty much be ran through for free. Plus once Mimic is out, I can always opt to break Caduceus for two credits.

Also safe to say that Spinal Modem never gets installed when I'm playing against MN. Ash 2X3ZB9CY is the bigger problem I face cause Corps will dump a lot of credits into that trace. But this deck has pretty strong economy as well and Liberated Account can provide a good burst to beat Ash before running.

I have found the risk manageable thus far, and there are still Cyberfeeders for recurring credits in the early game. It might be a possible weakness of the deck or a difference in meta so if you do try this deck let me know how you find it.

5 Nov 2014 Pinkwarrior

@moistloaf Caduceus is poor against link str which this deck has quite abit of, also it can be easily broken with mimic for a mere 2c. Spinal is a great console that 9/10 time will not backfire at all and even if it dose its only 1 brain damage people run stimhack happily whats a spinal that can net you alot more than 9c.

I would strongly suggest to anyone who's unsure about it to try it out in a deck and let them decide them self of wether they personally feel it's worth the risk reward.

As a side note Id recommend only using 2 in your deck as you don't want it down while your face checking stuff.

15 Nov 2014 moistloaf

@spanargoman have you played much vs. Blue Sun with this deck yet? There isn't any damage protection. It seems like it could be easy to get flatlined here before you could win via RND lock, especially with no RDI (granted, you have Medium).

16 Nov 2014 spanargoman

@moistloaf Actually not yet as I have not had much chance to play recently. I suspect the Runner will have to play very conservatively. The deck isn't poor except in early game and the link helps against traces. The concern is that Blue Sun might score and win faster than the deck can get set up. The plus side at least is that D4v1d should deny the OAI econ burst. I will have to test it and find out.

26 Nov 2014 spanargoman

@moistloaf After playing against Blue Sun with this deck, the conclusion is that the matchup becomes a matter of draw. If you draw D4v1d early enough to stop OAI shenanigans you should be able to keep up credit-wise. The rush capabilities of Blue Sun means you need to draw into your breakers fast, which without tutors become variable even with Wyldside. Will probably have to see what new toys Order & Chaos can offer for this build against Blue Sun.