I posted this on the CotD thread on Reddit, but it was longer and more interesting than originally intended.

'Deceptively good' is my analysis of this card, though I've yet to find the perfect deck to take advantage of it.

This card combos with a lot of other nice cards like Resistor (which becomes almost a popup) and Ash (better think twice about letting the trace fire then running again!). Things the runner would often let fire (like Gutenburg) suddenly make them pause. It's a great one have against a runner going tag me, as suddenly those 'just pile on more tags' runs are draining their accounts and padding yours.

With the help of a very kind stranger on The Facebook, I built an ArbTech combo deck which used Broadcast Square, Reality Threedee and Muckraker to put the runner in a real bind; you rez the broadcast square, then the 3Dee and fire the trace. If the runner doesn't pay into it, they lose 1-3 and you gain that much.

Then proceed to rez your other 3Dees and your muckraker, which then itself fires 3 traces and ends the run. At that point, slap down a Manhunt, rez a city surveillance, and watch the runner become truly miserable.

This deck was a bit janky but it had a load of crushing victories (losing only, weirdly, to Adam and Sunny). It was a bit miserable to play as and against, though, so I've shelved it for the moment.

I've tried ArbTech in other decks since. It's a lovely combo with Troll and things like Turnpike or News Hound, or especially with Manhunt, which is becomes drip economy. That said... I've not really had any luck using it in a 'standard' deck. It seems too fragile at 3 to trash, and you can't really afford to protect it too heavily. Maybe I've had bad luck to come up against rich runners, I don't know. I'll keep experimenting because I'm sure there's the nugget of a powerful deck here.

Surveillance Sweep is important to note. Since it forces the Runner to pay first for traces, you can very quickly get to a point where you outpay them and collect the benefit every time (if you have a decent amount of creds, then the first time the Runner pays high to keep you out you just let them beat that trace and they're out however many creds they paid) —
Can you please link the cards you're referencing in your review? As a new player I have no idea what the hell you're talking about —
Adding Door to Door in a Making News deck makes this card absurdly powerful. Pump the trace up with your 2 recurring credits, and add as much credits as aryabhata techs you have rezzed. This synergizes with News Hound pretty well too. —

Okay, this is just a quick review after some initial testing but...

I think...

Right now...

Power Tap might actually be < looks side to side > good.

Now, I don't think it's going to blast the scene wide open, but I've been running it in Supplier Andy against a few decks around the time DnD became available for everyone (I know people are talking about bringing this into Sunny, but at 1 inf and 2 install I don't think it's great. Free off the Supplier in faction is how this card should be played!).

So, why actually play it? Well, my testing has shown, rather than shoring up your weakness to traces and tagging, this actually makes you stronger against decks running it. Consider, if you will, an early game Viper rezzed on a central. A run last click against this when you have a Power Tap installed nets you 2 credits for no drawback. The effect stacks, of course, so having 3 of these gives you 6 creds from running into that ice. Remember when everyone went crazy about Au Revoir (in Shaper, where it also used influence and MU and only worked against unrezzed ice)?

Once you're in a deck with a few slices of Link, it becomes even better; the corp isn't going to pay in to match your 4 or 5 link (or, if they do, fine, let them Vamp themselves, match the trace if it matters, suck up the consequences if not).

Let's look at this with another card that seems to be making a comeback... NACH. Gutenburg has been a horrible staple of Butchershop and tagging decks since it came out; it's expensive to break, but costs a click and (at least) 2 to clear the tag after, and multiples stacked over each other might compress your clicks so you can't get in. With a single Power Tap and a single NACH, an RnD of 2 Gutenburgs and a Data Raven is absolutely trivial. Once more Power Taps come online, it's possible a run on RnD might actually net you a profit as you sell the corp's own traces back to the grid.

Let's throw Security Nexus into the mix as well! Power Taps give you money, and NACH clears the tags if the corp pays into the trace. And of course at that point, you run again and use your actual breakers after the corp has paid out.

So, yeah, maybe I'm 'best case'ing this. Maybe in some games it's a pseudo link that never fires and wastes you 2 creds and a click. But look through your corp decklists; how many have absolutely NO traces? Think back to the games you've been playing against DnD NBN decks; how many traces popped up in THOSE games?

Just imagine that NBN carelessly leaving a resistor on the outside of a server...

this card is virtually +1 link —
It's better than +1 link, because runner has a flexibility of taking credits instead of paying for trace. OP mentioned Viper as a good example. —
Lots of traces in the game are quite low, maybe 3 or 4? Maybe you can get your link up to 6 but once you get past the level of those small traces you're putting in a lot of effort for not much return. With these, you can turn those small traces directly into cash, giving you money for investing in link, something that was previously a dead end. —
<p>5 years later: (Power Tap has been added to the Restricted List).</p> —

While it may seem relatively innocent, I think this card is a pretty scary proposition.

At one cost and four trash, it's certainly ticking all the boxes for a nice little asset. To maximise your triggers, you want it in a deck with lots of small agendas that are scored fast, which is fine in HB and even better over in NBN. And that's fine, as the card is a mere 1 influence!

What works with its ability? Well, anything that gives you a benefit from installing cards. Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future and Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center both spring to mind, as does Turtlebacks. Both of those are decks which like extensive remote play anyway, so this card fits in perfectly. HB:EtF is frequently used as a glacier ID due to the 'discount' when building deep servers, but this card lets you continue to build servers (remember, it can install ice!) even while scoring agendas; advancing out a 5/3 gives you (at least) a credit and a click back as well as whatever the effects of the agenda are. With Turtlebacks in NEH, scoring an agenda can give you multiple credits and card draw as well, again continuing to build your board position when you score.

Lots are decks are already running amazing targets for this card as well. Consider cards which are trashed on use, like Cyberdex Virus Suite, Executive Boot Camp, Tech Startup or Marcus Batty. With CVS, suddenly Clot isn't the thorn in your side it has been previously in a Fastrobiotics deck; fast advance out through your Virus Suite to clear the clot, then reinstall CVS on the score ready for the next agenda.

Then we come to cards which are must-trash for the runner... If you can get a toe hold, you can start to bring back Caprice Nisei or Ash 2X3ZB9CY if you've lost one to RnD digs or remote pressure. They protect your agendas for your next score. And with a second Team Sponsorship ready to go, you can even install the next agenda in your scoring remote as well.

If no other targets are available, bringing back that spent out Adonis Campaign or trashed PAD Campaign is as good as anything. The one thing more demoralising than paying 5 to trash that Eve Campaign is to see the corp bring it back for free a couple of turns later.

Team Sponsorship gives you both recursion and free clicks whenever you score, which is what you want to do during the game anyway. It's cheap, it's easy to splash, and it's tough to trash. It's a really solid card, and I would not be the least surprised to see this cropping up in glacier, hybrid and fast advance HB, in fastrobiotics, NEARPAD/Turtlepads, Gagarin, even RP with the selection of juicy targets for it.

I don't want to even get into how crazy this will be when Advanced Assembly Lines comes out... h/t to Angedelo for pointing that one out to me. —
Adonis, trashed NEXT Silvers, Cyberdex Virus Suite, SanSan City Grids... the list goes on. It's both a defensive and offensive card and is insanely strong. Good review. —
I think it's one to watch. It has to trigger twice before it's good, until then you'd probably prefer another copy of one of the cards it can bring back, versatility notwithstanding. It can definitely do good things, but I think the jury's still out. I'm surprised you think HB likes small agendas. I think it's the faction least likely to play 3/1s. It has domestic sleepers, but that card often goes alongside 5/3s because of deckspace issues. I imagine this is the card that is supposed to make Research Grant a thing, but... no. Just no. —
Fast Advance HB will typically run three ABT and three Vitruvius, then something like NAPD as far as I remember. Domestic Sleepers can round it off. This card turns Domestic Sleepers into another Interns as well, meaning the extra copies in your deck for getting up to 7 aren't just Archer food! —
There are plenty of HB fast advance decks around, looking back through the recent tournament winners there's a good split with half or so running 11 agendas (3 ABT, 3 NAPD, 3 Vitruvius, then 1/2 Chronos sometimes with a Pet Project). Also, it turns spare Domestic Sleepers in your deck into more Interns as well as Archer food. Can definitely see in this faction, especially in Fast Advance decks. —
Why, oh why, is this SCARY thing not unique? o.O With 3 of these on the field, scoring a 1/2 agenda from hand in 3 clicks let's you recurse 3 lost ICE from archive and immidiately install them as ICE number 5, 6 and 7 in front of a server for free, which is plain riddiculous! —
How about combo-ing this with Quantum Predictive Model behind a Data Raven? You could move that right alongside Franchise City and score a quick 3 AP for 6 credits, while sticking a tag on the runner. —
I think Quantum Predictive Model won't work because the wording on kitty cat is &quot;Add&quot; instead of &quot;Score&quot;. —

This is a new favourite card for me. I can't help but feel it's most powerful out of faction; I'm running it in Anarch, Valencia Estevez to be precise, and it is so much fun. Anarchs have got some incredibly juicy events recently, and allowing you to chain them into one another (or into econ events) gives you incredible efficiency.

Draw cards, like Diesel or Inject, are great with Comet as they allow you to play one of the cards you have drawn straight away (this even works with a Levy AR Lab Access!). Same with Déjà Vu, this lets you pull a card back to HQ and play it for a single click.

As you're undoubtedly running event economy with this card (the more events the better! I have 30+ in my Comet deck), a set of Prepaid VoicePAD seems like a sensible inclusion, with enough events they become cheap drip economy. Also, with frequent playing of events, a way to continually fill your hand makes sense, something like an Earthrise Hotel or the Wyldside/Pancake combo that lots of people are enjoying at the moment. This also makes the console great in a MaxX deck, she will generally pack lots of recursion like Deja Vu or even draw like Inject, both good as mentioned earlier.

On top of all that, the card allows for some great combo plays; Day Job into a run event (like Dirty Laundry or Blackmail is possible), or even a Wanton Destruction to trash three cards from the corp's hand followed by a run event to check archives straight away before the corp can prepare defenses. The 'run all three centrals' cards become better too, allowing you to use a run event as your third central run and then play Quest Completed or Notoriety for free, giving you a spare click (to play ANOTHER Notoriety, maybe...?).

Ultimately, in the right deck, this is like an extra click on most turns, for half the price of Rachel Beckman without any of the vulnerability, that also gives you a dot of memory. Clicks are a very valuable resource, hence why cards that give you more are rare; they're typically one shot, or come with a heavy downside. Comet isn't either.

Amped Up + Wanton Destruction = trash a full (5 card) HQ. The only problem being Amp's brain damage. Better feel lucky, have more than 1 Wanton, or Titanium Ribs. —

I started off writing a comment and it was getting wordy so I decided to go for a review instead!

I think this really needs some testing. It could be worthless, but I do feel that while it seems inconsistent, it will have the end effect of making your deck overall MORE consistent. When you steal an agenda, there are four broad possibilities:

  • a) You steal a 'small' (1 or fewer points) agenda, and corp hasn't scored anything/has only scored small agendas
  • b) You steal a 'large' (2 or higher points) agenda, and the corp hasn't scored/has only scored small agendas
  • c) You steal a small agenda, corp has scored a large agenda
  • d) You steal a large agenda, corp has scored a small agenda

We can break these down into agendas that are worth 1, 2, or 3 points (or the edge case of 6 points...). But broadly, just to make the point... In these situations, a and b are fine, you're winning. d you're in a tight game, and you've stolen what you need to, turntable doesn't help. In c, you're in a position where you need to catch up, and Turntable is exactly the card you need; buys you points and time.

Overall, it will tend to slightly increase the average value of agendas you score.

There is also, of course, the edge benefit that Turntable works against all counter agendas, which is a list that includes some pretty potent cards

Round it off with a low install cost, a low influence cost making it eminently splashable, and a dot of MU. I can see it maybe making a home for itself in slower, rig building decks that want to catch up late game if the corp has scored an agenda (I like this as a splash in that situation too, the corp feeling safe on a three pointer or two, you can drop it late game and dig for a one pointer in RnD). Also it would maybe fit in combo decks that want to make the most of the accesses they DO get.

I get that a lot of people aren't feeling this card, that it doesn't do you much to help you win. But I feel like many of the arguments are similar to those we heard about Leela when she appeared; it can be played around, it doesn't trigger often, it's a 'win more' (alternatively, it's just a catch up). It took a good long while for her to be respected! I'm not saying the console is as good as Leela, I think though that this is a card which needs some experience on the table before we can fully judge.

This is Noise's console, and if you think about it, provides him with an interesting 1-turn win opportunity. As a no-run Noise, you sit back and install viruses, typically milling out several agendas in the process. In the meantime, you've created scoring windows for the corp, which they are hopefully using to score big agendas. You let them get to 5-6 points, then install Turntable and hit archives. You swap two 1-point agendas for whatever the corp has scored, and you probably just won. —
And if you didn't just win, the corp now has only a couple of points; the extra effort they spent scoring the 5/3 agendas has been wasted. If I'm playing a Turntable deck, I don't want to score an early big agenda or I risk losing it, but what do I do in the meantime? I also know I need to play around the console, but unlike, say, Leela's ID power, I don't necessarily *know* I need to play around it as they don't have to drop the console onto the table straight away. —
I think this card's utility actually lies in denying the corp the abilities it gets from it's agendas. I would be more than happy to give up my NAPD I just stole to deny them Gila Hands for the rest of the game. Or get rid of the that annoying Utopia/Hades Fragment —
Does anybody know how this card interacts with Punitive? Because technically the agenda you &quot;stole&quot; was only worth 1 point, and you swapped it with a higher point using a card ability. So does Punitive only do 1 damage or 2/3? —