This is a similar agenda to encrypted portals and superior cyberwalls, as close as it should be really, no one wants a strength 4 architect, making it say tracers and not sentry is a good thing. Not giving money doesn't seem quite right. If you look at the tracers in the game, you'll notice that about every single one of them has a steep price some way or another. Troll doesn't cost much, but it doesnt do much, unless your breaking news, and even then not much, and nothing with this agenda. Flare costs 9, Draco is either cheap and worthless later, or expensive, and a small tax to a linked runner, or while being wielded by a Corp that doesn't want to vamp itself. Viper is reasonable, but it's in HB, and costs influence in NBN, snoop costs 6, data hound barely does anything. TMI is impossible and poorly designed. Caduceus is about the only case for not letting this agenda make you money, but hardly, and it costs 2 influence anyway.

No one likes playing 3/1 agendas, especially not NBN, which has 4 2/1 agendas, so why not let this agenda be a little stronger? It's never going to be competitive until they allow a Corp to substitute a few 2 pointers for 1 pointers, deck slot wise, and even then, it doesn't do that much to a runner with high link, or a way to deal with these ice that isn't Atman. I'm all for the portals deck, and I occasionally get lucky with cyberwalls, but I think Rutherford Grid is a better idea for making traces stronger, since it's not an agenda, and has a place in tag storm decks. Making news with manhunt on a Rutherford Grid server, or casting call haarpsichord dickery involving kitsune, shinobi, a successful run with a Marcus batty surprise trigger, and a few dwarves listening to the cars on cassette tapes while dancing on pool tables all feel way classier than this.

That being said, I do enjoy making my sentry ice and Mother Goddess stronger anyway I can, so if I ever play a draft game with this and the other, similar agendas, this gets a glowing review for being ultra boss.

I think you're underestimating this card. First, I'll note this does nothing for Troll or TMI (neither are tracers, and neither have trace subroutines). There are some real powerful tracers in the game, and a deck built with more than maybe 4 of them gains a lot from using this. As you mention, Viper becomes a 3 cost strength 5 ETR ice, which is very strong indeed. Data Raven is strength 5 and still hands out tags, and Gutenburg stops being mimic bait if it's off RnD. Also note this boosts Archangel up to being a truly ridiculous 4 cost, str 7, trace 7 bit of ice that the runner can even hit inside RnD or HQ. Resistor is actually a nice little bit of ice also coming in DnD, and at 0 to rez and 0 strength feels... okay, I guess. Giving it a strength and trace boost and it's the NBN ice wall, and now immune to being insta-parasited. And that's ALL not counting the fact the effect of this stacks; manage to score two or, heaven forbid, three, and your nasty trace ice is looking very nasty indeed. Data Ravens rezzing for 4 and ending up strength 7 with trace 6, Shinobi strength 8 and 3 evil traces on it (ending the run, too). Even just Vipers and Caduceus become very powerful. I realise this is all on the awkward 3/1s, but you're in faction with SanSan which can turn it into a 2/1 if needs be, I imagine worth it to create some truly taxing ice. —

I really like the idea of abusing this card with team sponsorship in NBN, using fast track to search it out again and again, as well as Jackson, while triggering your turtlebacks with team sponsorship. No one uses it in this manner, but the card doesn't say you can't use it while it's in your own score area.

Alone, the card gives NBN 4 2/1 agendas, which is enough of a reason to like the card, if you're not into waiting until the runner has his rug together to win. Or you just like winning in general.

Actually, does specify where you can use the shuffle ability. The reason no one uses it in this manner is because you can't. —
No, it specifies a generally-not-allowable method of triggering. Agendas are active within the corp's scoring area, and the card does not state anything to the contrary. I imagine it'll be added to the FAQ soon, but until then my opinion is that it can be used in the corp's scoring area, just like any other agenda the corp has scored. —
(and after hearing back from FFG, yes, 15 Minutes can be fired off from the corp's score area) —

I absolutely despise playing against a runner that unless you have things that can effectively counter her, you lose the game. I haven't played a game against Valencia where I didn't have an executive boot camp, or amazon grid, or some sort of way to rez ice early against her, and won. Now with smc being a popular choice of card for her, because of her BARELY LARGER THAN NORMAL DECK SIZE and paige piper being around, you now need to have 2 pieces of ice, a formidable economic lead, and some way to stop the inevitable blackmail runs. It's like she came from a bizarro world where everyone lost 3 influence running executive boot camp and elizabeth mills, gave up on her dimension, and decided to mess things up for everyone here. I am not a fan of her, but it is incredibly effective to play a deck with 3 blackmails, 3 same old thing, and 3 deja vus, if only to stop the corp that trys to play other runners from doing anything. Horrible.

There are plenty more counters for her than that: Jinteki PE kill deck with remotes renders her useless by not relying on ice, and same for NBN NEARPAD (Dedicated Response Team shell game). NBN or HB pure Fast Advance is difficult for her too. Any glacier deck that is asset heavy can flush out the blackmail runs, then score afterwards. Ash 2X or Caprice can waste Blackmails, then score out. Clone Retirement for Jinteki can just turn her ability off. Crisium Grid + Off the Grid can lock her out. Junebug or other nasty ambushes can make her really regret a blackmail run. Sea Scorch can kill her for making the run. Likewise with Punitive Counterstrike. Yes, she needs some kind of answer, but there are plenty of choices with bit of creative thinking :) —
Not to mention critically thinking about how to play. Scoring windows against a blackmail deck are different. They are there, they are harder to find, but they are possible to find. I found that by building a tower remote, and letting the first agenda get Blackmailed from it, and a simple one ice remote that had a jackson or a DBS or some other asset in it for a time can really put the Valencia in a quandry - does she blackmail the big tower remote or the little one? A simple Install, Install, credit turn can leave her wondering where to go. Unless you are playing a lot of 5/3s of course... then you have to use other tricks. —
If you're playing 5/3s, you lose, if you're playing a rush deck, you lose. 9 blackmail is too consistent, you just need the one. making two remotes could work, unless they just run both. Val just makes you think about what you're doing with your deck, and it's not hard to tell whether you have a chance against her. either you win or you don't a majority of the time. And if a deck isn't focused on blackmail, the that is still there, which just makes for stressful games that don't really end up going anywhere. —
If you truly can't figure out how to counter this runner, just run Blue Sun and be done with it. —
You can build a deck that will work against her obviously. The problem is, most decks, and many of them are very good decks, will lose against blackmail recursion. With same old thing, deja vu, and trope around, she can use the card an obscene amount of times. Combo with Hacktivist Meeting and Drive by, and many decks cannot win against her; they will never get to rez an ice. —

This is one of those NBN cards that would be great in a number of decks, if it weren't for the fact that it is too high in influence for any deck that would want it. Yet, it sees use in GRNDL, a deck with only 10 influence. If it didn't give you a bad publicity when you inevitably fail the trace, it would be much more playable, and for that reason, it's only a matter of time before expose makes the card perhaps a little better. You need 3 copies of the card to see it early with any real consistency, and you need to be pretty rich to have it make sense, so if someone wants to make a next design deck with 3 of these, 3 jacksons, and nothing else, you're welcome to fail at everything else you want to do in the deck. Winning is probably one of those. That being said, if you get this early against the right runner, it would definitely help to know what is in the runner's grip, but then if they just draw what they need to get past you early, what good is it if you aren't trashing all of the runners economy? When this cycle gets rotated out, hopefully they'll make a better version of the card that doesn't take up most of your turn, doesn't have to rely on a weak trace that needs to be at least 5 credits more than what the runner can pay, and doesn't give the runner an extra credit for the rest of the game each run when you fail with it. Now, in a draft deck, this card would be so ridiculous, those problems...aren't really problems. Too bad it'll be passed up for sansan city grid every time.

Have you considered that this is actually a strong counter to I've Had Worse? This can pluck IHW right out of the runner's grip without it firing. Perhaps this might become part of some kill decks, possibly in conjunction with Punitive Counterstrike? That said, agreed in general that this card is a bit underwhelming and very hard to use - I've tried many times! —
Try comboing this + Data Hound + Targeted Marketing for some huge credit gains... —
all good points. It's a great counter to I've had worse if it's in the grip, else you've lost two clicks, and you can't use it and double scorch without some serious efficiency committee/biotic labor plays. The targeted marketing thing is probably legit, but it's just going to be played around by good runners —

So this card has a low trace, gives you bad publicity if you fail the trace, and has a pretty crappy window of opportunity. Ugh, what a terrible card...unless you happen to get it early, and are playing a resource happy runner. I played this against a runner with the supplier, and I added 2 of these to my deck on a whim. It was magic. A hosted Kati Jones and Professional Contacts were busted up by this little card. The runner wasn't tagged, and it was the first turn of the game, it probably set me up for the win because the momentum he lost by losing those cards was pretty big.

Now, I'd imagine if he just played Kati, and I used it, he'd probably have more money, and would beat the trace if he could, so it would be more expensive to play, not worth the time, but if your deck has problems with things like Personal Workshop, or the supplier, or even any of the shards, this card will probably make you much happier. It's definitely niche, and not every deck will want to play it and the influence is high enough that this is only going into HB decks, but considering the lack of ways to tag someone effectively in HB, and considering how much money you can make in HB, you can at least leverage this card as a tempo changer.

At it's worst, it does nothing but protect your hand from hq accesses, and at best it totally screws up the runners game. No one really plays this card, no one is teching against it. First turn Andromeda might play all the economy in the world, but if she ends up taking a slow supplier turn, it would definitely be worth playing, and I believe more people should think about this card, and cards like it that are traditionally underplayed.

Thing is, I can't think of a single thing that this does better than Snatch and Grab. S&G has no window, less cost, higher trace, a stronger effect, and lower drawback (the Runner takes a tag, vs you taking Bad Publicity). Oh, and yeah, I know this is any resource and that S&G is a "connection" but when was the last time the runner played a resource that wasn't a connection that was worth killing? Liberated Account? —
Personal Workshop hosting something awesome? —
Off-campus apartment? Bonus: The runner has to constantly install resources when using that card, so you can trash it any time after they add something new. —