With many changes in so little time (rotation, revised core set, MWL 2.0), the game unfolds to a whole new set of possibilities that yet have to be charted individually.

Among them, it must be highlighted that with MWL 2.0, the concept of universal influence introduced with MWL 1.2 is gone and the latter was a showstopper for the professor, given that the then restricted cards counted among your deck's influence, insteading of reducing your ID's influence to minimum 1.

Thus the prof might experience a surge with 3 x Clone chip, lady, d4v1d etc...

Time will tell.

Indeed. Every Professor deck always had 3 Clone Chips, then MWL 1.2 came and the prof was gone completely. Now he'll yet again be able to slot 3 Clone Chips, just not alongside MOpus. Professor Jank is back. —

+2 MU seems like the new standard for consoles (Maya, Mirror, The Gauntlet.

Allows instant trash of ANY rezzed piece of ICE with Parasite !!! Fortunately it triggers on encounter so you have to run through. But it's still strong.

Makes Wyrm a decent once per turn AI breaker (who thought it would) à la Security Nexus

Provides an interesting counter to Sandburg for 1 ICE deep servers.

Makes Atman 0 a serious all-rounder.

1 influence is dangerous for the game as it raises the par for consoles a bit too far in my opinion.

Nice interaction with Omar Keung (sorry anarchives) and with Null. The latter has a once per turn ability too, so both combined would easily deal with 2 ICE deep servers.

The downsize is not that big and can be worked around with Drug Dealer or Sports Hopper - respectively 1 and 0 influence.

If it gets popular, then Lotus Field will claim its fame back.

Magnet too might be used more. —
Good point, hoping that ICE placement gets lucky. —
Does it actually counter Sandburg? Which applies first? —
Can Corporate Troubleshooter save us? —
No, neither Corporate Troubleshooter nor Sandberg impact Sifr —
It also makes corps playing Oversized AI cry —
That's quite a lot of shapers discussing. —
need more crims? xD —
Always more Crims. —

Just a short comment to highlight the fact that now that a 40/* Weyland ID exists, it is now possible to play a corp deck with only 4 agendas !!!

Highly unlikely that such build could lead to a serious deck, though...

Challenge accepted - I've been waiting for a 40-size Weyland since Government Takeover came out. Will return after some brainstorming and testing. —
Splash Shannon Claire to keep you Takeover buried, make money, draw for Punitive...? —
Showing Off. It will happen. —
Deck has damage dealing ice,, money, Mumbad Construction Co, Dedication Ceremony, and Casting Call. Mill your opponent, Score Gov't Takeover out of hand. Then score a Vanity project. Fin. —

This card is so powerful. Simply scoring it as a 4/2 (without over-advancing it) nets you at +4 credits instead of -4. This is a ratio of +8.

Imagine a 4/2 agenda that would read "when you score this agenda, gain 8 credits". Oaktown renovation is even better than that, as you can gradually net these credits in the course of advancing it.

With a PAD Campaign or any other card that gives you 1 credit when your turn begins, it can be scored right after you have been siphoned to 0 credits (if advanced once the turn prior).

As Netrunner is a game of decision making, Oaktown gives you freedom of action. With 3 credits at the beginning of your turn, you no longer have to choose between clicking for credits to play Hedge Fund or advancing down to 0 credits to score your agenda (usually a huge tempo blow).

Advancing it gives you the credits needed to red ICE and/or upgrades that protect it.


Dear Off-Campus apartment,

My name is Elizabeth Mills. I have been waiting for you for a long time. I am ready to trash you at no cost, showing the world that I am not just a bad publicity removing machine.

Looking forward to meet you.

Trashing Lizzie forces a bad pub on the Corp. However one bad pub for a loaded apartment? I'd pay that ;) —
Dear Lizzie (may I call you Lizzie? Don't answer that, I don't care.) Go right ahead. I've invited a few Fall Guys over along with the rest of the lads, and I think you may have gotten your wires crossed. It was their Apartment you blew up; my Off-Campus Apartment is perfectly fine. Sincerely, Andromeda. P.S. Thanks for the free bad publicity though, appreciate it. —