When it comes to assets sometimes you either ignore(for a bit) or you have to deal with immediately while playing as the runner. Reversed Accounts is one of those assets. Lets face it, sometimes you don't trash a PAD Campaign regardless how it's accessed(HQ, R&D, Remote). I've even let Jackson Howard slide sometimes. The pure evil that is Reversed Accounts can't be denied.

Zero Rez cost. One Influence. The card can be advanced. The pain this card brings if you trigger its ability can be felt for many turns thus giving the Corp scoring windows. This card WILL force a run if baited properly. Cuz the moment the runner accesses it in a remote, they HAVE to trash the card. Otherwise, next turn they will be bankrupt. In the end, the runner either pays to trash or they'll pay in a way that sucks. And if they access in HQ or R&D you better believe they'll trash the card. If they had to break ice to access then run just got more expensive.

I love this card. The low influence makes it an easy splash in just about any Corp. Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World, Jinteki: Personal Evolution, Jinteki: Replicating Perfection and Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center are perfect for the card.