An absolute must for Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer decks. Perhaps no other card is as mandatory for any ID as this is for Nasir - critical to allow him to spend his money mid-run before losing it. Also serves as powerful drip econ for any runner looking to build up a lot of programs and hardware.

Also great synergy with Parasite, allowing you to "pre-load" it to be used on freshly rezzed ICE (and then destroy those ice mid-run with Datasuckers or Wyrm) be careful, though, as the "drip" on workshop is not optional, so if the corp does not rez a good parasite target in the next 2 turns, you may be forced to install it sub-optimally.

This card has pretty significant anti-synergy with Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker, as installing a card off the workshop uses up her ability without gaining any benefit. Likewise, it can be a great counter to Housekeeping as you can pile many turns worth of "installs" onto it and then install them all in one quick burst, thus only triggering Housekeeping once.

One last thing to note is that it is not unique - if you truly have a lot to build, you can install more than one and get the "drip" going on more than one project at a time. for this reason it is sometimes not best to overload a single workshop unless you simply must get the cards out of your hand.

Can someone tell me if this card which says 'ignoring all costs' also ignores the Memory cost of programs? —
@Runly - Memory is never considered a 'cost' for installation purposes. Ignoring all costs implies the installation cost through credits, (located at the top left of the card), and any card text that reads "as an additional cost to install this program/hardware..." —
So no matter how many cards you have installed on it, only one gets the start of turn removal, correct? —
@Vimes That is correct. If there are, say, three cards hosted on it, only one counter from one card is removed at the start of your turn. —
For extra lulz, use with Stimhack. —