According to a strict reading of the rules, this card appears to be nonfunctional right now. I mean, the top part works. But the bottom part seems to be busted.

The related rules, from the rulebook: "Inactive: An inactive card’s abilities do not affect the game and cannot be triggered." "Archives- This is the Corporation’s trash pile. Archives is kept adjacent to R&D. This is where Corporation cards are placed when they are trashed or discarded. Cards in Archives are inactive."

The only exception made in the FAQ to cards being inactive is as follows: "A card with an ability that triggers when the card is accessed does not have to be active in order for the ability to trigger."

The FAQ implies Subliminal Messaging might work, but doesn't specifically say it does: "Subliminal Messaging • When adding a facedown Subliminal Messaging in Archives to HQ, the Corp must reveal it to the Runner."

The only direct implication of that FAQ entry is that if you Archived Memories that Subliminal Messaging, you have to reveal it, unlike any other card you get back with Archived Memories!

the rulebook also states: "The golden rule, if the text of a card directly conflicts with the rules of this book, the card text takes precedence." —
That doesn't apply here - nothing on Subliminal Messaging directly contradicts the rules. That's for cards like Eden Fragment, which change a rule. —
Your hypothesis is that Subliminal Messaging's lower half does nothing because the rules say it's inactive. If so, why was that even included in the card? It's implicit that the ability is supposed to function. "Inactive" is to make sure that cards like Encryption Protocol aren't functioning in Archives (or HQ/R&D). —
FFG are pretty bad at writing rules, at the end of the day this is a case of "We all know what this card is meant to do" even if the rules don't make sense. —
The golden rule does apply. The second half of the text may contradict the rulebook only by implication, but the implication is clear and the only valid interpretation. —
Rez jeeves.....First click, subliminal messaging, gain a click, use that click to install a 3/2, second and third click shipment from sansan and place the counters on the 3/2. Trigger jeeves advance and score said 3/2. I'm just saying —