Gotta go fast!

Psudeo 3/2 for HB With some conditions, mini food as it'll never be worth it's full points to the runner.

I think this is a strong card and could make a sports rush/fast advance build viable. With 3 Food, 3 Megaprix, 3 Virtivus and 1 ???

Oh and I guess spombo runs this.

What's Spombo? —
@BlackCherries -- Using lots of low-point or negative point agendas (News Team, Domestic Sleepers, etc.) out of Sportsmetal, then you win with Game Changer. —
Maybe 3 Food, 3 Vitruvius, 3 megaprix and 2 Hyperloop Extension? —

All through the life of netrunner people asked the question - should Astroscriot Pilot Program have been a 4/2?

Well with their first set NISEI makes that though experiment a reality.

While it can't do a fast advance train without help (such as calibration testing - the fixed sansan) but it can create a never advance train always threatening that card in the remote as another remastered or just rashida?

Great synergy with Arella Salvatore and to clean up missed Focus Groups. —

Hired Help (HH), isn't just the new OTG it can mess up click math, can make HQ unrunable, and even bait them into an excalibur on HQ for max rudeness, or make them put obokata in the bin when needing to check the ngo rouse isn't the winning agenda!!

Also note the agenda is TRASHED not forfeited, a clever runner will trash some 2 pointer then mad dash it back.

Also note, you have to trash an agenda each run on the server if HQ wasn't hit this turn, not just the first one.

The limit 1/deck and 1 inf hurts it a lot though, it's hard to justify the opportunity cost of the inf for a card you won't even see half of your games.


I played this once against Blue sun, breaking several missingos with grappling hook + Kongomata, expecting to burn a illegal arms factory and slammed head first into a standoff, which I instead stole.

10/10 would burn the world again.

This card is insane out of Mti (and with thimblerig), an end the run ice that can double as a nesei counter is strong anyway but with the positional power of Mti (and thimblerig) you can just make servers that look quite weak require 3-4 or even 5 clicks to get through.

The fact it ends the run also means it needs to be broken to even threaten it's trash ability usually. - There are a few niché cases where you trash it as soon as you rez it, to stop stimhack money being spent for example.

Outside of Mti or thimble, the card is still strong, but you need to think more carefully where to put it.

Easily the best of the Mopus cards.

MTI was already considerably OP and this will just make it worse. The ID probably needs to go the route of Skorp and PU. —
I don't think MTI is "op" as such just very punishing. —
But I agree it should be restricted over restricting Border control (which is what others have suggested), all restricting border does it let MTI wait for the next good ice to arrive to abuse. —
Can Ankusa bounce it before the corp can use Border Control to end the run? —
Not exactly. The corp has a window to use it during the approach if they so choose —