It's Biotic Labor, except it costs 1 less and the runner can trash it because it is an asset. Actually though, because you need to install this friendly bioroid before he can get to work, you are essentially spending 2 clicks... to gain 2 clicks. So the strategy is installing Bass and using him on a later turn. This makes Bass less attractive than Biotic, despite being 1 less credit.

Of course, being an asset also has a few upsides. He can be reinstalled with cards like Team Sponsorship, rezzed more cheaply with Breaker Bay Grid, searched with Tech Startup and can be used in combination with Biotic in MirrorMorph. He is a combo player's dream, and I imagine people will continue to do cool things with him. Also, he is "only" 3 influence as opposed to Biotic's 4.

So yeah, less straightforward than his operation equivalent, but also wilder.

<p>Also comes with one of the best flavour texts in Ashes!</p> —

A 4 strength sentry with 2 subs (ideally 3) for 4 credits is great value for the corp. However, because of the traces, even if the runner face checks this, there is no guarantee it will actually fire. Trace 3 is just high enough to be relevant, especially now that Power Tap and a whole assortment of link cards are rotated. Outside of Sunny, who laughs at this card, and maybe link-friendly shapers like Kabonesa and Lat, there isn't a runner who can brush this off. And being able to trash a console is game-winning, while it can end the run as well.

Pretty decent card, especially if you can park it on HQ. Probably best in Earth Station. Not fantastic though.


With the rotation of Lunar and C&C, I was interested in seeing how Smoke would adapt to the loss of Cloak, Ghost Runner, Dagger, Switchblade and Refractor. But then Nisei printed very similar replacements so all that worry is now water on the bridge.

In the case of Afterimage, despite being able to breaks subs for real credits like Dagger, I think the similarities to Switchblade are more immediate. Both need to be imported from criminal (and you should, because what other killer are you gonna play. Fawkes?). Afterimage costs 1 more credit and 1 more influence though. On top of that, while Switchblade breaks nearly any current sentry for 2 stealth credits (Orion, a well-placed Surveyor and overadvanced Colossus not withstanding), Afterimage needs to be boosted twice or even three times to deal with higher strength sentries.

However, to bring up similarities again, once per turn you can bypass any sentry for the cost of 2 stealh credits. This is fantastic, as it essentially allows you to deal with even the most insurmountable of ice, like say a 16 strength Surveyor for an affordable price. And as an added cherry on top, you get to ignore annoying encounter effects such as with Data Raven. Don't use this abillity on Anansi though. Also keep in mind that due to timing, you can't use Pelangi to make something a sentry and then bypass it.

Due to starting at strength 2, this breaker also deals nicely with lower strength ice, such as Cobra, Sapper and Rototurret. All cost 1 credit, two subs or not. It also breaks almost every sentry of strength 3 and 4 for a regular and a stealth credit, instead of 2 stealth. News Hound, Cortex Lock and Drafter come to mind. Then again, Switchblade is great vs Tour Guide, a card you need an answer for. Although Afterimage can also get past it via bypass...

So all in all, I think the takeaway is that Afterimage is a very strong successor of Switchblade, better and worse in different aspects, and a card that keeps Smoke relevant in the current meta.

<p>I think that you cannot ignore encounter effect like data raven with the 2 stealth bypass effect</p> —
<p>@spleen86 Both the Icebreaker and the Ice have "when encountered" effects, so they happen at the same timing window, which allows the active player to choose which happens first. It is the same as the old Femme Fatal vs Tollbooth issue.</p> —
<p>@spleen86 you are incorrect for reasons stated above</p> —
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IMO, this is a prime example of a well-designed card that doesn't cost nearly enough and therefore ends up being a bit too powerful.

3 credits for a 2 MU console is amazing value at the worst of times. Except this only costs 2 credits, because Keiko triggers itself on install. No other card in the game gives you two unconditional MU for such a low price. Compare to CyberSolutions Mem Chip.

But, I hear you say, that isn't comparable. Keiko takes up a console slot. Fair. So let's take a look at the ability. A 1 credit drip every time you install or "use" a companion. Easy enough to reliably trigger every turn. There are several companions out already, most considered pretty strong.

A one credit drip isn't super broken, but in combination with a 2-MU console which costs two to install, I think it is slightly above the curve. Anarchs who like to be filthy rich and need MU for programs like Stargate will definitely consider this. Especially considering the lack of tempo loss compared to a card like Maw. Maybe Keiko should have kept its cost and been 1 MU instead? I don't know. I just know this feels a bit wrong to me.

<p>I agree. I am not sure if it does refund a credit, may need a ruling on that, but even at 3 it's a push. Compare it to Paragon. 3 cost. Keiko has one more MU. Both have a way to make a buck each turn, but Keiko doesn't involve interacting with the corp. Just free money. Paragon may offer the deck peek as a bonus, but really, that's nothing compared to an MU, in terms of general power.</p> —
<p>I can see the Smoke over the horizon already, lol.</p> —
<p>It has been confirmed by Nisei on Facebook it triggers itself.</p> —
<p>Did NISEI think that <a href="/en/card/26070">Keiko</a> would force you to too much into a pre-defined companions template? There's just so few downsides to the console. Supporters of this card's power level are far and few. I wouldn't be shocked to see this end up as Removed soon.</p> —

Akhet is the newest "7 Wonders ice" (see also Hortum and Colossus) and looks like it will be a popular barrier for Weyland.

Three credits for a 2 sub barrier that etr is decent enough value as is. But at 5 strength this card becomes very expensive very fast. The "only one sub can be broken" clause (like on Afshar) makes it incredibly annoying to deal with unless it is bypassed. Giving the corp money and an advancement counter is nothing to sneeze at, especially since this combos perfectly with Builder of Nations. SSO will also love this card, since they can immediately bring it up to triple advanced with their ability.

Very solid card, one to watch out for.

Don't forget Mausolus in there too! Akhet brings the total number of Wonders Ice to 4. —