Flavour time!

It totally blew my mind when I recently heard that Atman and Brahman are concepts in hinduistic philosophy that are related to each other and are in my view represented by both card's machanics. Brahman is the transcendet self, the universal energy; Atman is the individual self that wants to merge into Brahman to be finally liberated to step off the cycle of rebirth. Using Atman and Brahman both as breakers make total thematic sense: Atman sets its strength upon install (birth), but can be resetted when Brahman'ed (death, soul goes back into "pool"). Atman can then enter play again with a different strength (rebirth).

I love the flavor here. I'm not a biologist at all, so I'll sum it up in my own words. Haruko Obokata, stylish, brilliant, young, lead the research for stem cells and claimed to have found an easy way to somehow manufacture stem cells - an important thing in cloning. This was made by putting cells under heavy stress, like putting them in an acid bath. The cells were called STAP cells. But Obokata fell off grace when researchers found this to be a scientific fraud and the following scandal even drove her mentor into suicide. The experiments were manipulated, data flawed and images photoshopped.

Flavor text on this card is awesome, mixing the Obokata scandal from 2014 with the grim and noir tone we love so much in Netrunner - especially in Jinteki. And indeed, eating 4 net damage sets runners under heavy stress and they likely change their strategy.

Hey, good catch! —

These days (end of 2016) we see the rise of stealth runners. Enforcer helps a ton: Trashes a stealth program. Trashes Mirror. Trashes Net Mercur. A surprised runner will click like a madman and thankfully embrace a brain damage. That's fine for me. Enforcer is anti-stealth.tech onepointoh

Also, well in the Dagger's range. —
Yup, but taxes 5 creds. —
A lot more viable option come Red Sand - the switchblade will be out, so Enforcer won't be passable for just two stealth creds. Overall, you've made a good point. —
Once Switchblade cycles this will be especially valid (provided we don't get another stealth killer with similar efficiency) —
Nice timing, H0tl1ne. I believe sets rotate out after Red Sands though, not as its releasing. —
Is that so? From what I've heard, the rotations are to happen after Flashpoint is finished. —
When the first pack from the 8th cycle (i.e. the one after Red Sands) is released, the first two cycles (Genesis and Spin) will rotate out... —
It's a long time still, then. —

Once upon a time, there was an ID that made people scratch their heads: The Professor. You just played it because you like to run janky or you ... um, no idea. Sorry.

I think The Prof gets better and better these days. Why not start this with an expansion pack that's thematically focussed on the UCBB? London Library is so much Professor, maybe that's the card to make him really come back again.

  • Put a Femme Fatale on it and run every server you like. Or Atman. Cyber-Cypher anyone?
  • Add LLDS Processors to your inventory and each breaker you smash on the table is even stronger! For some extra cyber feeling, add Net-Ready Eyes
  • Don't know what this can do with even more clicks. Rachel Beckman might give you a hand... Install 2, run, uninstall both.
  • Add some recurring credits - say, Cloak - to your Rig and you might run without any money.
I forgot the dog breakers: Lady, Rex, Cujo. You never run out of those dog counters. —
Beckman wont work here since its a resource and unique... good thoughts on the others! —
I think HongKong Koma was saying that if you have five clicks, the Library lets you install, install, run, recall, recall for double the fun. —
HongKong Koma - why don't you edit your review and add the dogs in? —
@Ber: Tried it, but got a Bad Request. Does not work here, don't know why. —
Oh, and did I say [D4v1d](/en/card/06033)? No? That's another one too add! —
i don't see why adding atman on it is any good. i mean isnt crypsis just straight better than hosting and removing atmans? You do know you gotta pay for the atman strength right? —
I know, but I can adjust the strength each turn. Maybe costs some money, but makes Atman more flexible! —
Perhaps Alpha and Omega are worth a shot? —
I've actually put an Andy deck together with several of these ideas - it combos hard into Doppleganger + autoscripter, allowing such amazingly loopy things as Install Femme + Install Femme, run inside job, free run, pick up your femmes... in a single turn. Toss in an overmind for the raw utility of it, and it's just brutal. —
More importantly, Crypsis is actually a virus and CAN'T be used with Library. —
I believe his point was that you could just click Crypsis to add a counter, then run instead of clicking LL twice. Unless you're using the same Atman for multiple ice that have medium-high strength... but then why not just install it and keep it? —
Card really squeezes your clicks. If you play Twch Writer, you can at least turn those clicks into credits. Looking for other synergies because I want this to work. —