Lore review:

So...this is the great problem you get when you have a game that alludes to so many fandoms at once: you never know when the things you pick up on are things only you see, or things most people see. Anyway, here goes.

The NCC-1701 on the hopper's license plate is the ship's number of Star Trek's Starship Enterprise. The hopper looks nothing like the starship...it's the wrong color, wrong shape, wrong size, you get the picture.

The quote at the bottom is from two different Star Trek episodes: the Original Series' "The Trouble with Tribbles," and Deep Space Nine's "Trials and Tribble-ations." In the former, the crew of the Enterprise finds itself at a starbase which serves as a sort of safe haven to both members of the Federation (AKA "The Good Guys") and the Klingons (AKA "The Bad Guys"). One of the Klingons, seeking to make trouble, makes the mistake of describing the Enterprise using the above quote, which prompts chief engineer Montgomery Scott to defend the honor of his vessel by starting a bar-fight.

In "Trials and Tribble-ations" the Federation and the Klingons have made peace, but somebody goes rogue, and goes back in time to install an explosive device in one of the "tribbles" (harmless self-fertilizing fuzzballs that breed like crazy) in order to kill Captain Kirk. The Deep Space Nine crew goes back in time to try to stop the killing, and encounters a lot of the same scenes that appeared in the original.

I'm not a Star Trek expert, so some of you out there can probably catch all kinds of little mistakes in there. I just remember watching "The Trouble with Tribbles" over, and over, and over again with my dad. He's a purist and he'd "kill" me if he knew I was even talking about anything other than the original series with y'all. Thanks for the nostalgia, Nisei!

Kabonesa Wu is literally wearing the cat on the coffee mug from Record Reconstructor. Okay...the eyes on the coffee mug are open, but still! Backstory flavor ideas? Have we finally gotten the Princess Space Kitten ID we've all been waiting for?!!!

There's two themes for Sovereign Sight.

  1. AFRICA!!!!

  2. TIME BOMBS! Assets that aren't threatening as soon as they're rezzed, but they will have bad consequences for the runner if they're not trashed by the next turn (or so). Sovereign Sight includes four: Gene Splicer, Echo Chamber Urban Renewal, and (possibly) Reconstruction Contract. There are, of course, numerous other examples in Netrunner (Ronin comes to mind) but to have FOUR in one set seems to be pointing to a theme.

None of these are Haas-Bioroid.
However... Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance allows you to both install a time bomb, and protect it with ice in the same action, allowing you to install and protect two time bombs in the same turn, each in its own server. This means that, until your time bombs go off, you have a pretty good idea of what the runner is going to do.

  1. Do whatever it takes to defuse them. Which means you have a pretty good idea of what they're going to do for the next few turns.
  2. Let one or more of the bombs go off. Which means points. Or damage. Or both.

Either way, you MESS WITH THEIR MIND!!!

You can't do two separate servers: gotta be the same one. Still, quite a powerful card. I'm imagining it more in rush decks, though. —
Click one: install a time bomb with an ice, click two install a time bomb, click three install an ice. —
Anyone know if Asa Group's ability can be used on the runner's turn as well? Since it says "each turn" and not "your turn"? —
It's the same 'the first time you install a card each turn' trigger that ETF had, so yeah, it can be used on both turns. Ultraviolet into Assembly Line into Asa trigger on your turn, discard, Assembly trigger into Asa trigger on runner turn -> install all the cards xD —

Flavor Review here:

Once upon a time, we thought Weyland was an ordinary little corrupt corporation. Killing and Making Money were all it was about. Typical Corp behavior, right?

But then we saw another layer. We saw a Weyland that was interested in Making the World Better, in helping children reach their potential, in finding new realms for humanity to live. And, if I remember correctly, this was a "rebellious element" within the corporation, a noble-minded executive who actually wanted to do some good, by taking the human race into space where we might have more room to live.

But really...was there something even more complicated, more sinister, behind BOTH groups? What might motivate ALL of this: the killing, the money-making, the philanthropy, the vision?

A Cult. Hidden at the highest levels. In Space.

It's possible. We have creepy stained-glass window funeral parlor/temple guy we have slightly-more-than-just-pop-culture-image. We have Ancient Space Deity (An evil Oyarsa of Malacandra?) and now, we have this card: Incredibly creepy sacrificial altar/execution chair exposed to the Martian elements.

Weyland, why did you REALLY want to go to Mars?

For their 3 step plan: 1. Summon Cthulhu. 2. ??? 3. Profit! —
:) —
beautiful —