Týr, Tithonium, Anansi, Thoth... The list of powerful, expensive, and painful to facecheck ice goes on. Each corp has access to at least a few, while a couple of them just can't get enough of the things. So what's the caveat with ice like this? Well, as mentioned above, the stuff can be expensive; even worse, it might be unique. And while that's all understandable for "balance reasons" or whatever, who wouldn't love to have the money and ability to put two Týrs in the same remote server?

Well, Ganked! doesn't completely solve that problem, but it sure helps. You know what's almost as good as two Týrs on the same remote server? Making the runner hit that single Týr a second time after they touch the Ganked! they thought was a Project Vitruvius. Or having Ganked! in there with an actual Project Vitruvius, and laughing to yourself as they trade an agenda score for 2 brain damage, you getting to wreck an integral piece of their board state, and three credits. Depending on how much they paid to get into your server in the first place, that's the kind of tempo loss that'll seal a game.

Doesn't have to involve your remote, either. Give them a second dose of the DNA Tracker that's protecting R&D during a deep dig, or slam into multiple Afshars when they Legwork. Make the Sneakdoor Beta run that they thought would be ice free Not So. Make them encounter Komainu a second time, with twice as many subs (I smell net deeeeeath~). Combining it with Konjin allows you to force the runner to encounter a piece of ice in a different server twice, all in the same painful run. There's so many possibilities, almost as many as there are ice, unsurprisingly enough.

So at only two influence and with no actual credit cost (Outside of the cost of rezzing ice you were going to rez anyway, right?), keep this little ambush in mind for your next glacier deck. Depending on your ice spread, this thing could be nasty. Of course, getting Ganked! often is.

<p>This card is too strong. Every other card that does something similar has huge requirements / drawbacks and this doesn't even need to be installed...</p> —
<p>Sure but a vast majority of times, it only fires after your agenda has been stolen - assuming the big ice haven't already stopped the Runner from getting inside in the first place. Compared to <a href="/en/card/21052">Code Replicator</a> which fires on the Corp's discretion but allows for a jack out.</p> —

What a out of control card! 1 credit per turn drip for a 1 credit buy-in? Who doesn't want that? I don't know, but I can sure think of a few runners who would.

And you don't have to be one of those aforementioned runners to like this card. The influence cost may make Poemu a bit difficult to justify for anyone who isn't installing a lot (unless you've got a lot), but there's almost no reason not to run the little gal if you're an Anarch, and if Taka can be justified as a 1 off in several non-orange decks, you better believe this will be too.

To cap it off, like every member of Hoshiko's raid party, Paladin Poemu's downside is a joke. There's just too many good targets, so many I cannot possibly name them all--in other words, if you're putting this furry friend in your deck, it's because you've got stuff to install, and if you've gone three turns without installing something, losing your party's tank is almost certainly the least of your worries.

So is our newest little companion too strong? I don't know, but I know for sure you're going to be seeing a lot of her in the future. Because as every seasoned raider knows, a good party needs a good tank, and Paladin Poemu is one of the best I've seen.


Heat up the orb to catch the runner.

<p>Another orb for the orb deck</p> —

Obvious pairings include Builder of Nations, Argus itself, and the agenda City Works Project out of any ID (though it'd obviously be strongest in BoN, Argus, or SSO). It also works well with any Jinteki deck that's trying to whittle the runner down--mixed damage is good, and even a single fire from this thing could hurt a good deal. More than one on a turn is just asking to get killed by a Snare! or Neural EMP, unless you're a badass. Oh right, did I mention Obokata Protocol? Last but not least, it makes for fantastic protection against Apocalypse, provided you know it's coming next turn.

Not a bad showing for this new card type. Who knows if it'll actually get slotted into any decks, but a lot of the cards I mentioned above are used frequently enough, so we'll see...

I hadn't considered this out of Jinteki, actually. Saraswati using it to make Obo even more secure might be a thing! —
Janktown of An Offer You Can't Refuse is happy town ! —

Is this card too good? I'm not so sure about that just yet. Is it going to be an autoinclude in every single blue deck that runs? You better believe it.

What if Dirty Laundry got you ~minimum~ 3 credits, and didn't require a successful run? What if you could combine this with that thing Crim is really good at, derezzing and hardcore credit denial, to make servers you can waltz through and get paid a bonkers amount of money for the pleasure? What if it got you as many credits as Dirty Laundry and didn't require a successful run???

Well, here ya go. Yes, it costs 1 more cred than the card I keep comparing it to, but 3 credits really isn't that much, especially for a card that will net you 3 credits when it resolves No Matter What. Every non Crim is going to be super jealous of this... as they should be. The more I look at this thing, the more I fear it might be a problem! Here's hoping I'm wrong, because dang is it cool.

It is more situational than Dirty Laundry, which is its only strike against it. All in all, definitely an auto-include in most blue decks. —
^ What cpt_nice said. You could use DL on any server for quick cash. Bravado cant be used on an empty Archives or naked asset. Doesnt make it bad ofc, just more situational. —