Looking at the card from the perspective of someone who is quite new to A:NR, Blue Sun: Powering the Future gives the Corp player a lot of control in how to accelerate their economy without compromising their Ice layer. A first turn Hedge Fund into an installed Tollbooth over R&D is a perfect example of a credit sink, and provided you have powerful, unrezzed Ice over R&D, you are effectively immune to Account Siphon and Vamp, even if they break your Ice. The ability to protect your centrals (Or even remotes) with powerful Ice, without actually having to make bigger overtures towards recovering your economy, cannot be understated in my eyes. The impression I get is that rezzing an Assassin in front of someone early is likely going to discourage early runs, or at the very least, heavily tax the runner on Traces. I think the top review covers the majority of things you can do with Blue Sun: Powering the Future, but I wanted to add the fact you're able to better balance your Ice defences with maintaining a steady economy, which can potentially hamstring a Runner by placing very obnoxious effects in front of them earlier than they are realistically prepared for.

All good points. Also take notice that the corp can effectively recover their credits from high rez cost ICE, and shift their power ICE around to keep the runner guessing which servers they will be able to get into. Recovering credits and information is very powerful in the glacier builds that Blue Sun is utilized in. Finally, as a Weyland ID, being able to recover 8-14 credits on the turn the corp will SEA Scorch on can turn the tides of a game very rapidly. —
Hedge Fund brings up a good point, namely that Blue Sun makes it and bigger brother Restructure much safer since you can simply return a high cost card to afford the economy boost, then re-play the card in a pinch. Not optimal, but much better than sitting around with dead economy cards and no credits. —