The newest addition to the NBN agenda suite; at first glance, this card's effect is sorely unimpressive. Upon closer inspection, an increased hand-size is certainly useful at times, but when the two main cards that interact with corp hand-size, IQ and Ashigaru, are both out of faction, and the same effect can be temporarily gained through the use of a one-influence Weyland upgrade, this is not likely end up the cornerstone of any decks in the near future.

Even as a simple 4/2 agenda, RDF is immediately overshadowed by the ever popular 3/2s: AstroScript and Beale, as well as Explode-a-palooza and even Market Research.

Perhaps, as the rest of the cycle rolls out, there will be more cards that take advantage of what RDF brings to the table, but until then, there are probably better options.

-Written just after the release of Business First

This isn't enough to really justify its use, but it is a valid target for Media Blitz. —
^ one bad card just isn't enough for some people these days —