Garrote rounds off the basic 2 strength no-frills breakers in a rather disappointing manner. In terms of efficiency Garrote is on par with it’s brethren Corroder and Gordian Blade. But that efficiency is some what negated when first installed. At 7 credits you might not able use it once installed or even afford to install it when you need to. Of course they are ways of lowering this cost. Initially, though, Pipeline may be a better choice as a Killer.

The main issue with Garrote, and what makes it overpriced, is the cost in memory. For the 2 memory you would expect some kind of additional ability. Gordian Blade keeps it’s strength for the remainder of the run for a credit at a time, potentially saving money, for an install cost of 4 credits and 1 memory, comparably underpriced next to Garrote. On a more direct Killer comparison Pipeline has the same strength ability but for 2 credits a go, making it slightly fairer in pricing at 3 credits and 1 memory. An ability like this on Garrote may warrant the extra memory cost. I have a suspicion that during development there may have been an ability that was found to be overpowered, something in line with the flavour text, such as ‘de-rez the encountered ice if all subroutines are broken and Garrote’s strength exceeds the ice’s strength by X, X being the strength of the ice.’

After saying all of the above, by no means is Garrote a bad Killer, within faction it pretty much comes out on top and supplemented by Faerie you can face-check potential sentries safely whilst building the money to install, but there will be other killers that will better suit your build.

To me, Garrote is the best illustration of the design philosophy behind Sentries and Killers. Sentries are supposed to be inherently dangerous, and Killers are supposed to be inefficient compared to other breakers to reinforce this design. Garrote, with more raw efficiency than any other Killer, is still only two base strength and costs a whopping 7 creds and 2 memory to install. I don't feel Garrote needs an additional power; rather it clearly displays that Sentries are supposed to be the scariest pieces of ICE and that no program can cut through them without some kind of impact on the runner's rig. —
Good luck breaking Architect for 6 and Cortex lock for 7 credits with Garrote. —
With Pipeline surely? :P —
I think it's important to note that Sentrys also have the lowest Str for Highest cost ratio it costs alot for a high str sentry in most cases so it makes sense that sentry breakers are worse than their codegate / barrier counterparts. —

Edge of World is a beautifully thought-out asset that can have a huge impact on a game. However, it can require some time to set-up and can often be difficult to pull off. But when it does it is highly rewarding.

The key to using Edge of World efficiently is installing it behind as much ICE as you can. Rather than trying to build a server specifically for Edge of World I find it best to install it in a server that has just been freed up with a couple of pieces of ICE already protecting it. And thats where the beauty of this asset come from. The ICE just has to be there, rezzed or not it doesn’t matter. There are few things more satisfying than watching a Runner agonizing over wether to access or not after running a three deep server, you not rezzing any of it even though you have the credits. That satisfaction made all the more sweeter when they do access. Another asset that epitomizes the Jinteki mind games.

Of course this isn’t going to happen all the time and like most assets Edge of World has it’s pitfalls. Without the option to advance, the longer it is sat the table untouched, the less likely it is to be run on and unrezzed assets aren’t much of a concern. A possible workaround for this is to use Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within to try and work the bluff. That’s not to say Edge of World is now taking up space. As an example you can use it as protection for a Shell Corporation creating another hard decision for the Runner. Let you amass a wealth of credits or risk hitting what it is upgrading.

Along with this you are going to have manage your econ correctly. As soon as Edge of World is installed you are going to need to keep three credits in reserve. This is a fair costing considering that Edge of World can deliver a crippling amount of brain damage in a single blow. I would gladly pay the three credits for a single point of brain damage for the permanent effect it has.

I love this series reviewing Jinteki's deadliest cards! One extra thought - Edge of World can easily be used as bait for multiple turns in an upgrades deck. You put the Edge of World in, they don't run, so you put the Ash in, they don't run, so you put the Corporate Troubleshooter. Every turn its more likely that you just put down a 3/x agenda so they have fresh incentive to run. If they still don't run, you replace the Edge of World with an agenda and score it out because now your server is pumped up with upgrades and they're not getting in! —
Shell Corporation is brilliant! Thanks! I've always wanted to make EoW work and this is the trick. —

The advantage of using Project Junebug, over other ambushes such as Cerebral Overwriter and even Snare!, is the fact that it takes a solitary credit to fire it's ability. For the same amount of credits it takes to use Snare!, Project Junebug will cause double the net damage, enough to flatline a fully gripped runner. In metas seeing heavy Account Siphon and/or Vamp usage, and where the Runner won't run on remotes until the Corp has no credits, there nothing more frustrating the carefully laying out several traps only to not have the credits to use them. However, install Project Junebug behind a Pop-up Window and it doesn't matter that the Runner just Vamped your credits away. It is this low cost to potentially high damage that helps makes Project Junebug as dangerous as it is.

I guess it makes sense but I never considered putting this behind a Pop-up Window. That will allow it to keep it's teeth even if you're 100% broke! Pretty sneaky. —
When playing Shell Game, I use a Mushin No Shin with it often. Can they take the risk of me scoring a 3 point Agenda for so little?, if not it's a pile of damage. —
The major downside though I find with Junebug is that is must be advanced in order to do anything. There's many ways to play around that of course (Mushin being a big one) but it means that even though it is efficient in that in only costs 1 credit to use, it has to have at least 2 agenda counters on it anyway to be meaningful. —
But thats the same with all advance-able assets and not all of those activate upon access. For example, you may advance a Ronin three or four times only for it to get accessed and trashed without anything happening, wasting however many turns it took to set-up. I disagree that two counters makes Junebug meaningful. Even just two net damage can ruin a Runner's turn. Will they risk making another run with a diminished grip or will they spend the rest of their turn drawing back up potentially opening up a scoring window. That same net damage could take out vital cards that the Runner needs. —