This card really makes you scratch your head when you remind yourself that Friends in High Places was released just one cycle earlier. On the plus side it is one credit cheaper and is not terminal, however the restrictions it imposes are nothing to scoff at. You can install one fewer card and have to remove any other copy from the game which can be a significant drawback.

Also note that the rezzing part is mandatory, so recovering a big ice such as Tollbooth makes you pay in advance. The rezzing part would have been more useful in a meta where either Leela or Blackmail were prevalent. As it stands the rez is more of a downside. You can also compare this card to Archived Memories. Instead of getting back any card, you pay one more credit to immediately install it, but you have to rez it, so you cannot use it for traps.

All in all this seems to be most fitting for low rez-cost cards such as high impact assets like Jackson or gear check ice that was parasite'd. Do you have room for such a card? I'm really not sold on it.

One also has to wonder why FiHP has two less influence cost. —
Might pair really well with Whampoa Reclamation putting extra copies under R&D. The rezzing part is not much of a constraint unless you wanted to install a face down card from archives for the surprise effect. It's still great for having basically extra copies of Caprice/Batty/Ash etc. —
This is an interesting card that I believe was designed incorrectly because of fears of 'another Friends in High Places '. The effect is intresting —
I think it is a pretty cool card with a interesting and useful effect. Slot one Caprice, one Ash, and one Batty into your deck and get em' back a second time like Kaiji said. And it is another card (in addition to the too few others) that can rez a piece of ICE outside a run. That is pretty huge in my book. Leela is pretty OP and this will help vs her. Stop blackmail and DDoS BS too. I'm personally of the opinion that FFG should admit they made a mistake with FiHP, burn it, then offer this and maybe another interesting card as replacement. —

It really puzzles me in which deck this card is supposed to go into. The main problem with this card is two-fold:

  1. You need at least one bad publicity to play this card
  2. You need to spend a click to sacrifice an agenda

The first issue means that you usually cannot play this unless you're playing against Valencia or you scored a Hostile Takeover. Until then it is usually a dead card. (ignoring Illicit ice or a stolen agenda) The second issue is even more severe: What makes Quarantine System and Oberth Protocol really nice is the fact that you can bank the click to play the card on another turn. This way you can fast advance 2/4 agenda or even a 5/3 using Oberth when sacrificing a one point agenda. Using Sacrifice means that you can only Install-Sacrifice-Advance for 3 Advancement tokens. This is a rather small return of investment and you gain only one credit by using it. Even worse you cannot transform a 2 pointer into a three pointer with this card and this is in my opinion the fatal blow for this card in a Fast-Advance style.

Supposing this card is meant for another archetype I struggle to see how that one would look in Jemison Astronautics. Removing bad pub is either useful to disable Blackmail or to make running against a glacier deck costlier. This might mean an HB deck running Domestic Sleepers can use this to disable Valencia or run illicit ice like Fenris, but realistically I don't see those strategies take off.

All in all I can think of using this as a one of to ensure that you have one ability to sacrifice agendas which cannot be trashed and can be your 'silver bullet' against Valencia matchups.

Perhaps it's a card designed for the future. I could imagine FFG putting in a bad pub removing card in pack 2 of Red Sands and some new bad pub generating cards later in the cycle. —
I see this as a 1-of in Jemison to 1) clear the BP from Hostile Takeover and 2) sacrifice (see what I did there?) HT to trigger Jemison's ability for when Oberth is trashed OR already rezzed and you want to FA a 4 / 2 from HQ in one turn. That 4/2 would be Fracking, right!? —
In Jemison this is a Biotic Labour that generates you 1...Not too shabby. It isn't THAT good, but quite useful for cycling old Hostile Takeovers into something more useful. —
Lynx, the problem is that, without Oberth, Project Atlas is literally the only agenda this lets you score for an increase in points (besides Merger *vomits*). Trading Hostile for a 3/1, even one with a cool effect, generally isn't worth the increase in agenda density from playing those 3/1s. And Project Atlas is going to ROTATE soon. Yuck. —

So far I have come up with two uses for this card. For one, it is suited for a runner teaching deck. It does what the runner should do and is straightforward to use. It encourages things you should be doing with your time anyways: drawing into your key cards and also getting money to pay for them. Another good contender for this is Diesel which has the problem that the runner might find themselves lacking enough money to pay for their cards, requiring to plan the turn while also learning the basic rules of the game. Deuces Wild seems too complicated for a first game where everything is new and the choices can be overwhelming.

A second use for it is in Draft cubes. It enables the creator to weaken the runner side by swapping some copies of Deuces Wild for Build Script. Thus, it's nice to have a tool to balance the cube.

Sadly that's about it, the one influence seems like a mistake and even without it, I can't think of any reason to include this in any serious constructed deck.

Third use: an example of how to value cards. On the face of it it's worth 2 clicks (otherwise spent clicking for cards or clicking for credits) but the value of the deckslot and influence (and associated opportunity cost) matter as well. —
I can somehow see how you would get to one influence by comparing it to Diesel and Easy Mark, but those fill specific roles such as *Draw a lot* or *Gain credits*. Build Script is neither and, as you mentioned, probably not worth the deckslot. —

Los has been a really interesting experience so far. In all the games I played with him so far, the corp paused when I ran on the first ice each turn. "Do I rez this now? It's 2cr for him" Especially so, if it was an ETR-ice. Also I find him actually more consistent than Gabe for firing at least 3 times per game, because the corp will rez ice at least on the centrals whereas Gabe can get locked out of HQ in the mid to late game.

When you choose Los you most likely will run cards that can derez such as Emergency Shutdown or Crescentus. Los is also the only contender for using Exploit which can be quite a tempo swing of you paying 2cr and the corp losing about 10-12cr. For the latter to fire you only need an additional Archives run, as you usually would like to run R&D and HQ anyways.

I also had some success including Ice Analyzer and Compromised Employee for additional value and some of the bird breakers. As of yet, with only Station One out, he really lacks a signature console, so I have tried using Reflection, as jacking out after the first ice may help you maximize his ability.

Collective Consciousness can also be a good include if you are reliably derezzing the corp's ice —

This card is actually a cute little tool. While it does not hold its weight in normal scenarios (as the review by Gerrak shows) there is one application that has been overlooked so far. Playing it mid-game only has a minor effect, because the Corp can just spend one turn of purging or using Cyberdex Virus Suite. However this card would be rather good if it did not have that weakness.

And that's the point I'm trying to make: If the corp cannot purge, this card can cause an upset. This happens in tournament games that go to time. Suddenly if you were behind in a very long game with something like 5 to 3 points for the Corp you can win on your last turn by using three copies of this card. This assumes that first the game goes to time at all and that time is called on the Corps turn. Also you can hinder the corp if time was called on your turn and they would win by scoring a 1/2/3-pointer on their turn.

You can get into these situations if you're playing an econ-denial deck or you're up against a Museum of History deck. This applies to Gagarin-Museum and to a lesser extent to IG-Museum. IG does cover their archives regularly but is likely to prefer one or multiple copies of Crick to defend it. If time was called you might be able to let them install a card - assuming they don't have a copy of CVS in there.

So this is very niche but in some cases powerful tool. It might be a silver bullet for long Glacier or Museum games. The rest is said better in Gerraks review.