This was one of the most interesting ID's that came out imo. I couldn't wait to see a lot of decks with it... but then they released Film Critic and this ID became obsolete. Without any good resource destruction (killing with tags is NBN's things) this might be one of the worst ID's printed to date.

Really? This ID is worst than Weyland:BWBI? Film Critic is strong against it, yes, but you can only host one agenda per FC, and out of faction you may not see FC splashed much because influence is a precious commodity. Plus, FC doesn't directly win the runner the game and costs precious tempo to use. FC doesn't single handedly nullify Haarp. This ID is still a beast for NBN in the right hands. —
5-star review, really hit on the angles. Keep up the good work! —
I agree with WayneMcPain the ID is actually really good i've played it a fair bit and it's powerful with the right tools as for FC well you can easily deal with that just stick in Sea source or Snatch and Grab both of which are free influence. —