While this is a card that probably needs to exist, I don't think we'll see many Runners start packing this because of it's only going to be effective against a very narrow spectrum of Corp decks. What it does, however, it does exceedingly well, and will make a very decent alternative to Clot.

So what does it kill?

I feel like it also has some secondary value to interfere with any deck that is obviously 3x a few different agendas, and also just as a Current to counter Corp Currents. —
It makes scoring a second Government Takeover nigh-impossible. —
Government Takeover is a 1 of agenda so it's already impossible to legally score a second :p —
Oh SPHNX, way to ruin the joke. —
To be fair, the joke wasn't very thought out. Now, not scoring a second Philotic Entanglement. THAT's comedy gold. —

Aside from Adjusted Chronotype, this is probably the best Genetic resources we've seen so far. In essence, this is a cheaper Professional Contacts that can only fire once per turn (or twice if you also have Gene Conditioning Shoppe): which is great, because the biggest barrier of entry for Pro Con is its high cost.

Consider: Pro Con will cost you 5 clicks before you start turning a profit, while Visage will cost you only 2 clicks before you start turning a profit. While it is true that you must spread those two clicks out over two turns, barring click gain shenanigans, it'll also take you at least two turns to click your Pro Con five times! All in all, it's a great card, and one that I'm glad they made neutral because it means that everyone gets to benefit from it.

We have to consider ProCon's draw as a profit, too. Sometimes considered a little more valuable than a click. ProCon could potentially draw you into that Sure Gamble or other notable econ while giving you some credits back, so in the end, you'll end up profiting a lot more over the course of those 5 clicks. —
@Lynx sure, but the same can be said of Chronotype (in that you're getting a draw and 1c for a click). I was comparing both of their profitability. —
The benefit of ProCon/Visage is that it enhances whichever of the options is better with the other one. I.E. if you want cards, they give you some credits too; if you want credits, they give you some cards too. Always compare them with the best alternative. —

This is half the reason why Criminal runners are so rich (the other half is made up of Account Siphon, Desperado and Security Testing, but I digress). Try to always leave a single credit on the Bank Job, in case you ever need to avoid accessing cards (eg. Whirlpool into a Snare or some nonsense).

Quick rules question. If I run a remote, the Kon somehow trashes his remote, will I still be able to use the effect of this card? Even If thereare no cards in the remote left? —
@Rubenz short answer; no. Long answer; the FAQ (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/rules#faq) covers Destruction of Servers “If there are no cards installed in or protecting a remote server, then the server immediately ceases to exist. If a server ceases to exist during a run, the run immediately ends. Unless the run has passed step 4.4 of the timing structure of a run, it is not considered to be successful or unsuccessful.” —

I absolutely love this card out of Jinteki Replicating Perfection. In addition to having your Sundews and Mental Health Clinics and whatever other drip economy you like, a single Shell Corporation stacked onto a triple-advanced trap (coughmushinnoshincough) is absolutely delicious for your economy. Sure, it's a lot of setup, but once you get it going, the Runner will never run to trash your Shell Corporation, and you will always have a ready source of money to draw from in case you get Siphoned to 0.

They don't have to access the other card. They can just access and trash the Shell Corp. —
Straight from the rulebook: "Remote Server: The Runner accesses all cards in the server." —
Lynx is correct, but the runner can do one strange thing: use Queen's Gambit on the face-down trap and then run the server. When they access, they only access the Shell Corp. Giant edge case, though. —

Paper Wall is a great piece of binary ice designed to force the Runner to dig for his Fracters. Designed along the same lines as Quandary, Paper Wall's greatest strength comes from how - if this is the only Barrier you're packing in your deck (and it should be, if you're playing this) - you have effectively just forced the Runner to spend time and money installing a breaker that is now completely and utterly redundant.

Now, you might say that Ice Wall is significantly better. After all, for just 1c more, you get a permanent Barrier that at least taxes the Runner a little whenever they run through the server. You would of course be absolutely right. If you're Weyland and you're looking to play binary ice, go ahead: play Ice Wall. But if you're short on influence and you're looking for something to fill a Barrier-shaped hole in your defences, Paper Wall can be a very good friend indeed.

Paper Wall also works nice in front of a curtain wall or a mother goddess! —
Also, it trashing itself can be POSITIVE if you want to cut down install costs after the Fracter arrives. —