Yellow Infusion

Odol 930

Publishing for the purposes of an ABR claim.

This is a work-in-progress list for a new AgInfusion brew slowly simmering in Poland, hopefully to resurface at some point during future international events.

16 May 2022 Baa Ram Wu

feels like a lot of straight ETR's for a Ganked deck.?

16 May 2022 Odol

@Baa Ram Wu Thimblerigs are great at moving the gankedable pieces of ice around - I never had a feeling that 6 pieces of painful ice are not enough.

18 May 2022 reitnorf

What does ABR claim means?

21 May 2022 Crowphie

Always Be Running, the tournament organisation website used by the Netrunner community, publishes the IDs used by each player. If you're that player, you can put a list up on this website and then "claim" that spot, creating a link to the actual decklist you used.